Lawro predicts Spurs to beat Blackpool


Harry Redknapp

BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will beat Blackpool.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Home win for me, though it doesn’t look like being enough to get Tottenham into the top four. In the reverse fixture Spurs created umpteen chances and I can see the same happening again.

“Blackpool will go to White Hart Lane and try to win the game, as they always think they can, but I can’t see it.

“I think Spurs and Liverpool should try and finish fifth and get in the Europa League if the top four is beyond them. You’re better off qualifying and then deciding how to play it. If you want to play a scratch team and rest your stars, you’re entitled to do that.

“Prediction: 3-1.”

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  1. HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN SHIT? The greatest side in London reduced for years and years to mediocreville and think of all the managers we’ve gone through taking the blame then look at the scum, decent management, capacity to fix Islington councillors to build a new stadium when nearly everyone round Highbury and Islington didnt want it and then their capacity to get great cheap players (think Bergkamp and he was a Spurs Supporter). Now we are asking if we can beat fuckin Blackpool, thats how shit we are.

  2. gomes should walk now as well as benoit ,piennar,crouch,pavLyuchenko and Huddlestone (unless he plays centre back , hes too fuckin slow). We need to bring in players with the will of Modric

  3. Here we go again Lennon dropped for the enigma who i blame for unbalancing our side Liverpool Arsenal are all on the blog sites Touting Lennon for a 30 year old fading Cole what a load of shit Harry is allowing these sites licence to print this garbage with his selections and another Gomes game god help us.

  4. Don't talk shit big G that's why he is his the best passer in the prem and beyond we have no one who can pass 15 yards or more we will miss him today and against Chelsea . His two shots have got us six points its not him that's slow its the prem that enhanced with energy

  5. yeah maybe davspurs but he always seems to lack something, lets face it is he a passer in the mould of Glenn Hoddle? No hes not , he can't control a game like Hoddle did and that means why is he there and what is he supposed to be. he is a good passer but thats all, he can't make the ball talk like Hoddle did And I say that cos hes always getting compared to the great Glenn, he gives me the impression that hes watching his great passes as if hes in a video game.Have another look at what he does after a pass then come back.


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