Lawro predicts Spurs to beat Blackpool


Harry Redknapp

BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will beat Blackpool on Sunday.

He told BBC Sport Online: “This one is very interesting because these are two teams who just love to attack. If you fancied going to a game and were looking around the weekend fixtures then it is probably the one you would choose to go to because you are not going to be disappointed – there will be loads of chances and it won’t be a case of getting men behind the ball, more ‘let’s pile into one another’.

“With it being such an open game, and as good as Blackpool were at Stoke last week, I think Tottenham’s quality will just about see them through. The thing with Spurs is that they have a strong squad and Harry Redknapp has the ability to change the game from the bench if he needs to.

“Prediction: 1-2.”


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  1. Firstly it will be a miracle if the game is played because Blackpool have no under soil heating. This shows how bad the Premierships standards have slipped and its all down to the play-off’s . If we want to be taken seriously has a top league we cant allow Teams to come into the Premiership with the stadiums that are not the required standard. This game should be easy on paper with Charlie Adams missing and there second string Goalkeeper playing ,the problem is we don’t play them on paper ,the amount of shocks should make observers start to question why players who have already failed in the premiership and who cant even get in a team in the championship are now scoring in the Premiership. Its not just Blackpool but the games are Baffling pundits every week we have lost to West ham Bolton Wigan Blackpool have beat Newcastle away Liverpool away Wigan away Stoke away and drew with Bolton 2-2 and they where winning 2-0. You could explain this if there was a salary cap and Teams where more even then shock results would be self explanatory but sadly this is not the case the new leveller is High octane energy .The one thing that separated class from a good trier was tiredness and then class would win now there is no tiredness and plenty of shocks so predicting any score in the badly policed Premiership is like predicting the 100 metres when about eight runners dipped under the magic 10 seconds and Dwane Chambers told the world why there was so many.


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