Lawro predicts Spurs to beat Fulham


BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will beat Fulham.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Going by their last couple of games, Tottenham will definitely win if they have a man sent off!

“Seriously, though, teams are coming to White Hart Lane and trying to stifle Spurs by man-marking their danger men. It is those sort of tactics that Liverpool are having such problems dealing with but the north Londoners have got such rich attacking talent that they are a lot more difficult to stop.

“The other thing about Tottenham is that manager Harry Redknapp can always change their approach using his bench too. I still believe they have got the best attacking options in the Premier League because of the players they can start with, or bring on.

“Fulham scored twice to beat Stoke this week, which was a good win, but I still do not think they pose enough of a threat up front at the moment.

“Prediction: 2-0.”

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  1. We have the same problems with man marking as Liverpool lool right!!!

    The difference is when liverpools 2 players who are expected to be man marked Torres and Gerrard, are given space they dont do anything with it espeicially Gerrard who has been crap, we have 4 real dangermen who cannot be man marked or stopped….Bale, Lennon, Modric, VDV

    Reason why is if you double up on Bale or Lennon like teams used to, it leaves more space in the middle for Modric and VDV……….so I dunno you play narrow and give space to Bale and Lennon or play wide and leave VDV and Modric free. Basically Lawrenson theres nothing you can do to stop Tottenham, Liverpool are in a whole new league nowadays.

    Imagine if we get a World Class striker instead of the pure rubbish we have had upfront all year, if Torres was at Spurs im sure we would win the league

  2. Well Torres has the same number of goals as Pav with less competition for a place… I personally don't think it would make a huge difference because our strength will still be the threat from wing and deep positions with Lennon, Bale, Modric & Vdv – no matter who you put up front. Perhaps 1 or 2 more goals. But many others disagree with me.

  3. Jack – If Birmingham go down Foster would be available! I think Foster has good promise. But I am personally fine with Gomes until he gets to old or should we genuinely become title contenders – which we aren't.

  4. Jay, whilst my heart is with you 100%, my head is telling me that any sort of win tomorrow will do! COYS!!!

    Let’s hope Liverpool remain as pony as they have been up until now? A decade of mediocrity will put them back in their piss stained boxes

  5. Have to agree with everything the above comment says “jay”. We have really dangerous players going forward. Modric was in a world of his own when we went down to 10 against newcastle. He is just amazing to watch sometimes, the best technically gifted player with the ball at his feet since berbatov. Bale is just Bale and can punish teams but then he can go missing sometimes agaisnt the more experienced right backs like the neville brothers who done an excellent job of standing off him. Lennon is gaining form every game he plays and starting to get back into the habit of taking on his man rather than cutting in.

    Playing VDV is where our problem lies. He is a world class player but we have no1 who can play with him. Pav isnt smart enugh and his touch is dissappointing at best. Defoe is too small to link up although i do feel this is our best option if we keep the ball down and Crouch is amazing at holding up the ball but his shooting borders on the pathetic, he barely reaches the goal from outside the box.

    We are in desperate need for a big, pacey, strong lone strker. Carroll has been mentioned a lot and granted didnt look to impressive against us… but then again look at the supply he was gettin. Embarrassing at times. If he had bale, Lennon, Huddlestone, modric, VDV to work off of im certain he could grab 20+ prem goals a season, no doubt about it. For his age and strength as well as his work ethic i think he could be the one who wins us the title in the next 2/3 years if we can solid at the back….

    Last thing, hate to say it but Gomes has to go. Far too unpredictable. Id love to have Foster come in but i cant see it happening. He is english and found his form playing as birminghams consistent number 1. Think Carroll and Foster would give us that little extra we need… also another winger with a bit of pace as we have no natural cover for bale or lennon…. pienaar least favourite choice, johnson, young, even n’zogbia who had another class game againast Arsenal, went past players like they werent even there

  6. Jack you are the riper!How often you’ve seen us top 4 since Premiership began?Do you suffer from short term memory or last season Gomes was not a vital reason to take 4th place?

    As for pool-well them fans can get all other fans free tickets for any event we wanna go so we can stop shaving with ‘Gillet’ and switch to ‘Wilkinson’ as a pay back-ho,ho,ho Santa.

    Fernando will never choose us so let’s leave it-he will take Chelski or Real M/Barca.

    We need LB in my eyes-BAE(he is good at building up atack but for some reason his original postion is left Back and he bend over to often)will take Jack’s view about Gomes and a Class Striker. Taxi for Benzema please!!!Happy new year to every Spurs fan and even better years to follow!Spurs since 1981!


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