Lawro predicts Spurs to beat Manchester United


BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will beat Manchester United on Sunday.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Tottenham were left aggrieved by refereeing decisions in their defeat by Manchester United at Old Trafford in October, and Spurs goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes is probably still losing sleep over the way Nani scored after he had rolled the ball out thinking he had a free-kick.

“But Spurs still gave it a real go in that game and, especially at White Hart Lane, they are capable of giving any side a real defensive examination. I know United have not lost in the Premier League all season but I think their unbeaten record will end here.

“Tottenham will throw everything at them and, seeing as he has spent the week training with Spurs, you can probably throw in the David Beckham-factor as being a big plus for them as well – not that he is likely to play, but just because he has been around the place.

“Spurs are certainly in touch with the sides at the top of the table, but I cannot see them winning the title. We saw against Everton last week that they have one or two shortcomings defensively. Going forward they are absolutely brilliant but at the back they are not strong enough to win the title.

“Prediction: 2-1.”


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  1. Look, look he's predicted us to win!!!! See he's not totally against us!!!

    Of course someone is going to write 'well that's us jinxed then'.

    Still, you wonder what kind of freak occurrence is going to rob us of the points this time. It can't happen again can it?

  2. so the cross dre55er tips us to win at last…hes usually wrong about everything but this time hes right. And Fergiecunt is gonna use the bald headed granny fukkin wife beating piece of shit called gooney as well. Cant wait to see the fa66oty fukwit smack his bonce into a goal post and stretchered off the scouse cnt. #:)

  3. This is indeed very bad news.Almost as bad asif VdeV and Modders were injured.I think we might not win now,but I think a draw might be on the cards.It is indeed a revalation that Lawro would back a London side to beat one of his northern favorites.


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