Lawro predicts Spurs to beat Sunderland


Harry Redknapp

BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will beat Sunderland on Saturday evening.

He told BBC Sport Online: “I thought Sunderland were cruising against Stoke when they threw it away and they are in for a really tough game here. Tottenham seem to have got over their bad run now and have shown their determination by winning their last two matches, against Blackpool and Bolton, when they had to ride their luck a bit in both.

“Tottenham have defensive issues but they have players with the ability to win games right through their squad and showed it again when Niko Kranjcar came off the bench to score a belting winner against Bolton on Saturday. I’m going to go for them to get three points again here, and I think they are about to go on another really good run.

“Prediction: 0-2.”

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  1. Shite. Just when things were looking up, Lawro goes and predicts a win. And if that wasn’t enough of a bad omen, he predicts a great run.

    We’re doomed.

  2. Lawro predicts Spurs to beat Sunderland…

    Oh dear that makes me a little worried – we’ll probably lose convincingly now.

    Curse you Lawro!!!

  3. Hmmm.. dont remember us playing Blackpool. You would think think that I would rember playing against the tangerines what with them playing in bright orange kit and all. Was fairly sure we won against Blackburn!

    Then again I would have though that a so called football expert would have known the difference between the two teams or the BBC online editor may have done some research and caught his mistake?

  4. Shite.
    Just when things were looking up, Lawro goes and puts the breaks on it by predicting a win.
    And as if that wasn't damaging enough, he predicts a 'great run'.
    We're doomed. I'm worried.

  5. 1st!?!

    Lawro predicts Spurs to beat Sunderland…
    Oh dear that makes me a little nervous, if Lawro predicts a Spurs win we're bound to lose convincingly…

    Curse you Lawro!

  6. "We're doomed"? So he was wrong about us losing to Fulham, beating Blackburn and beating Bolton? Think you'll find he got the last 3 predictions right.. except the score…

  7. i disagree with lawro, up north with a depelted squad its goin to be tricky. a tough phsical sunderland team wont give us much of a sniff. I bet you harry wiil giv pav a"chance" tomo knowing its going to be tough then we he doesnt score he will start plaing crouch and defoe cliamng pav got his chance at sunderland and he blew it. harry your a tosser

  8. Hi Spurs fans. We love you all….you gave us a great FA Cup afternoon at the Cottage recently, thanks again for that. Much more fun than some of the recent Premiership dross, for example the games vs Birmingham/Sunderland etc.

    Anyway, 2 questions:

    1) can we play you every day?

    2) are you happy or sad to remain at WHL (serious question – personally I’d be gutted to move away from the home ground)?

  9. I’m a mind reader. I already knew what half these comments were going to say. Give it up people, this shit is getting real silly


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