Lawro predicts Spurs to lose to Arsenal


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BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will lose to Arsenal on Saturday.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Local derbies are horrible to play in, anyone who says they enjoy playing in them is lying. Everyone is on edge because you do not want to be beaten. The only way you enjoy playing in a derby match is if you win because then you have bragging rights until you play again.

“I think the Champions League fixtures the following week are going to be a factor in this game. Tottenham are within touching distance of qualifying for the next round but they probably need another win, whereas Arsenal are in a stronger position in Group H and are almost guaranteed to progress.

“There is also the decisive factor of home advantage for Arsenal, particularly considering the number of chances they create at the Emirates Stadium. It is tough going to the Gunners because the home side have the ball for most of the game, and with players like Samir Nasri starting to show just how good they are, they have the capability of hurting the opposition.

“The problem for Tottenham is they play open attacking football, which is great to watch but when you go to Arsenal you can’t get away with playing that way.

“Prediction: 2-1.”

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  1. Make the most of this derby because the only derby you will be playing soon is the east london derby in stratford against west ham. Ha HA best place for you.

    • Get the fuck off a spurs fansite!! Jesus!! Is there nothing better for you to do?? do you sit at home on your computer thinking 'I know, im going to start insulting a team that isn't mine on their fansite in a way that they can't find who I am and get me…that will show them!'…………..jesus you are a knob

    • Piss off back to Woolwich. There's only one North London team and you know it!!! ha ha ha. You pathetic little gooners haven't done anything the Mighty Spurs didn't acheive before you and we all know how that hurts you. We're gonna complete that and win the CL before you too!


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