Lawro predicts Spurs to lose to Man City


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BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will lose at Manchester City on Sunday.

Last time out, Lawro incorrectly predicted a Spurs win against Wolves – when in fact it ended up as a disappointing 1-1 draw at White Hart Lane.

He told BBC Sport Online: “This fixture has always had a lot riding on it in the last couple of years. I was at the Etihad Stadium when Peter Crouch got the winner to put Tottenham in the Champions League in 2010, and of course Crouch’s own goal at the end of last season meant Manchester City did the same 12 months later.

“I do feel that City are having a tough time at the moment – their manager Roberto Mancini is getting loads of stick for brandishing imaginary red cards and they are still missing some key players like Vincent Kompany and Yaya Toure – so beating Wigan on Monday was a big win for them.

“Emmanuel Adebayor cannot play for Spurs under the terms of his loan from City, which will probably compensate for them not having Kompany at the back.

“Tottenham have the best midfield in the Premier League but I think Mancini will change his team to cope with that and I just think that City might sneak this.

“But if Spurs do lose on Sunday, I still see them staying within sight of City at the top of the table. They have got too many good players who can create chances for them not to keep on picking up points, and they will bounce back really quickly from any defeat.

“Prediction 1-0.”

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    • that he may well be, but on this he is right, City will win this and we need to take it on teh chin and remain realistic, it is no disaster. Unless you have been sucked in by all the hype, but only idiots would have done that

    • What the hell? What sort of fan are you? If Chelsea and Sunderland can all beat City then we have every chance of doing so. We play the best football in England and our midfield is one of the best if not the best and it IS better than Citys. Support the team, dont put them down. It will be a tough game but i think we could just sneak it. Come on You Spurs!

      • Clearly your delusional deyond belief, while you and Alex Fungalson think you play the best football in England, the rest of the world think its City that are playing the best football in England and Alex Fungalson only said Spurs did to have a dig at City who play the best football in England and are at the top of the table with over 50 points to prove it.

        Take Bale and Van Der Fart out of your team and you're back to a mid table club, you better hope no one comes calling for those two right now instead of thinking you're something you're not.

  1. Modric vs Barry – Modric
    Parker vs De Jong- Parker
    Sandro vs Hargreaves – Sandro (Hargeaves is not the players he was)
    Van der Vaart vs Silva – Silva (Though VDV is a superb player)
    Toure vs Hudds – Toure (Neither will feature)

    City dont use wingers so there is no direct comparision for Bale and Lennon, though Bale is BY FAR the best left winger in the prem.


    Show me a better midfield in the prem this season.

    • you choose billy, de-jong, barry, milner, silva, nasri, johnson, toure yaya, bale might get in although he's a one trick pony. modric-parker-lemon ? you are avin a laaaarf my son.

    • GEt a grip you deluded muppet, first off use first team regulars and not players like Hargreaves and in the right position ffs, moron.

      Bale vs Silva – Silva
      Barry vs Parker – Barry
      Yaya vs VDV – Yaya
      Hudd vs Milner – Milner


      Top of the fricking league with 50+ points

  2. Wtf guys just cos he said we would lose why is everyone slating him? Last time I checked we was underdogs anyway, as a neutral he will have a less optimistic view than us, I don’t see what’s wrong tbh

  3. City have the only player who failed a drug test for stuff that makes u run faster they showed glimpses of this against Wigan and then Wigan joined in at half time. So my prediction City will risk illness and Burn out if they attempt to up there tempo against Spurs i see a late win for Spurs 1-2

  4. Lawro – I cant believe he has kept his job for so long. Has no one yet worked out that he is a Badger impersinating a very bad pundit? If Lawro got his predictions right we would probably be sitting in the relegation zone with Liverpool 15 points clear at the top. Saying that, it will be a tough game and could go either way – just like the Chelsea game, this one will be a draw.

  5. Given Lawro's woefully poor record of correctly predicting match outcomes, I expect Spurs to win as Lawro always gets it wrong !!!

  6. Spurs best midfield in England?? Huh? Modric, Lennon, Van der Vaart and Bale played in 1-5 loss and only Parker wasnt playing as he hadnt joined the club at that stage.

  7. (Gareth)BarryCOYS you should be ashamed of yourself man. The key to this game is the width. Massive pitch so get Gareth galloping and Lennon launching in behind citys defence. 2-1 or 2-0 with JD to score both an replace Adebayor as main striker rest of the season. Please god let Ledley and Parker start. Two players who are key to securing victory. Win this boys and the league is ours i'm convinced of it. Please Harry stop keep saying top 4 is the aim as the players will think 2nd or 3rd is sufficient. Yes ok it is but WE CAN WIN THIS IF WE BELIEVE.


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