Lawro predicts Spurs to lose to Manchester United


BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will lose to Manchester United on Saturday evening.

He told BBC Sport Online: “It has been quite a week or so for United regarding Wayne Rooney. But while that has been going on they have managed three wins from three games.

“It will be interesting to see how Spurs perform but one thing is for certain, Harry Redknapp will make sure his team attack the opposition.

“The problem for them is that United’s confidence has returned.

“Prediction: 2-1.”

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  1. Lawro predicts a loss. Given that he is mildly retarded, I take this as a positive.

    Hey Lawro, by how much are Liverpool leading the league? Given that you have never predicted them to lose, what possible credibility do you have?

  2. i will say the prediction will goes like this on saturday evening MANCHESTER UNITED are going to beat TOTTENHAM by 2-1,the match will be a tought one but we[UNITED] will carry the day come on saturday.

  3. Lets look at why Utd have suddenly got into top gear Van der Saar his turning Forty shortly and no matter how fit you are your reactions fail rapidly just like David James has. He his now sharp and alert Berbatov form was exceptional then he faded a bit he his also up to speed and his work rate his the best i have seen Ferdinand has come back and looks like he has never bean injured and he his up to speed ere Then there his Nani he is flying after his injury in the World Cup and the sad sacking of one time right hand man Qeuros who stopped the drug testers from disturbing there players Nani and Ronaldo where very grateful to there manager and one time coach at Utd. for this show of Loyalty and this was why Ferguson flew out to his hearing to back his friend from the sack it never worked and he was sacked Ferguson said his friend was Anti Drug the hearing asked was he on the training ground when the club Captain ran away from testers he said yes but he had gone on the toilet at the time . So back to my thoughts for the game UTD will be up to Speed . These players prove this Yakubu Heskey Scholes Berbatov Giggs Van Der Saar prove that age and laziness can be overcome if you stop the testers from getting at the pampered pooches. I have always had a secret admiration for Ferguson record has a manager but these last few years have ruined it with his objection to target testing and blood testing and his backing of Qeuos. The final one letting Rooney get UTD in even more dept to keep his crumbling empire at the top in Football and massive dept..

  4. @mattyboy: Phantom free kicks too don't forget. FA Cup semi final against Portsmouth comes to mind as well as that ridiculous decision when we played Everton which ultimately led to their 1-0 lead on Saturday. I think games like these always come down to whose side the ref is on. EVERTHING was going Everton's way last Saturday… Hence van der Vaart kicking the ad banner and getting booked when it was blatantly a corner.

  5. Firstly does Lawro ever predict us to win? I swear if he got all of his predictions right we would get relegated with a Derby-like points haul.

    Secondly, this time he might be right. I can see it now. We will be a goal or two up, absolutely coasting, and then out of no where Utd will get a penalty. We might even have the ball, on the half way line, but somehow Utd will be given a penalty. We will go up the other end, and score a goal, but it won't be given. Wes Brown will dive across the line, and tip it round the post, and a corner will be the only result.

    Anyone know if the FA's top agent Howard Webb will be in charge?

  6. can somebody please help me? i was once a season ticket holder and since been a club member but owing to work i had to give my membership up,i can only get up the lane 2 times a season but does anybody know a decent website where i can purchase tickets from and wont get ripped off! as i just dont know how to get tickets.
    whens daws going to be fit again?


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