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BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will lose at Wolves this weekend.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Wolves have made a very good start to the season – I’ve liked what I’ve seen of them so far.

But Tottenham, they have had a hell of a start haven’t they? Their first game was cancelled, they got well beaten by Manchester United and were then taken apart by Manchester City last time out. The confidence in the camp can’t be great.

“I’m just looking at Tottenham and I think they’re groaning a little bit. It’s not been a good start to the season and I really don’t think Harry [Redknapp] got what he wanted from the transfer window at all. I just wonder if there’s a little chink in his relationship with the chairman.

“Looking from the outside in you think if Tottenham had have sold Luka Modric for £40m, Harry could have gone out and bought three players – and Harry would have loved that, freshening the dressing room up nicely.

“All doesn’t seem well with the Londoners right now, so I’ll go with another win for Wolves.

“Prediction: 2-1.”

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  1. If the relationship isnt great with the chairman then Harry can only blame himself really. Opening coming out and touting himself for the England job while he’s still employed by Spurs.

    Backing Modric to leave saying money is everything and Spurs can’t offer that, thus talking down our clubs status after we’ve been in the Champions League and are trying to lift our status as a top club.

    Levy wouldnt sell Modric because its bigger than being about one player. Its about saying we want to be one of the big boys now too, not a bullied second tier team (which Harry himself said we should be doing, only to change his mind at the end and want to be this selling club that he said we mustn’t become.)

    I wouldnt be giving Redknapp £40m to spend either if he’s going to do a runner next summer. Especially taking into account the players he’s bought and tossed aside such as Bassong and Krancjar.

  2. Lawro always tries to predict spurs demise at the begining of the season. we’ve got great players and some day soon we’re going to really take someone apart. Spurs 2-0

    • This is because he wants Liverpool to get in the top four because if they don't with all the money they are spending and paying in wages i smell another Leeds. This just shows you what is happening in this league we have bought Parker and loaned Ady yet Lawro predicts a wolves win who got a player of us who could not get a place in the team.. Liverpool have had to splash the money to catch up to Spurs and with these two players on paper they have not vcaught up yet in my eyes Downing is not has good has Bale Lennon Modric Parker ara all better Aby is better than the boozer and the only three who would get in Spurs team are a fit Gerrard Reina and Suares. So what does Lawro base is predictions on well last year Wolves beat Utd who scored first and Utd where unbeaten at the time Wolves where near or in the bottomt. This why Lawro can make prediction when Wolves are clrearly a better team but what Lawro wont tell you is why shocks keep happening and why after the first week these teams speeded up there tempo and we fet the force of two of them. Man Utd second half tempo and City also making sure they never tired and the team who i learned the secret to shock ball football and led to this score Newcastle 4 Arsenal 4 .. This score might have pleased Spurs fans but trust me it never made me happy. And the reason is killler tmpo means any team can win if hey get the all important goal and they all run and move in the same gear for the whole game if we learn this like the top four have we will beat any team.

  3. Oh what a surprise to read the twats prediction!
    Yes Wolves have had a good start this season, but with no disrespect to Wolves I don't class Blackburn, Fulham or Villa in the same class as Utd or City.
    Yes we were well beaten, but had other distractions going on, but I'm certain that you will see Spurs playing as we know they can against Wolves.
    It wouldn't surprise me to see Spurs winning this comfortably!
    Even Ledley could be making an appearance as he came through ok after playing in a practice match on Tuesday.

  4. I have to agree with Lawro, we will lose to Wolves.

    We may win on the amount of goals scored, narrowly. However, we’ll lose on the amount of fouls, we’ll lose on the amount of corners, we’ll lose on the Lawro popularity poll.

    We’ll come second to everything apart from points gained and goals scored.

    Lawro, go away

  5. What you need to do has Spurs fans go back and look at how many players where in the box protecting there keeper and then look at Spurs you will find Spurs have four and sometimes less Utd City have six or more and the same in attack.. We will face the same problem tomorrow unless we find this winning gear Liverpool have found it after there slow start against Sunderlandi s cant tress anymore Tempo is winning these early games because its important to get off to a flyer and they have with High Tempo defending and attacking you can no longer look at the team sheets but how they run and chase the ball the work rate blocks saves dirty tackles and domination of possesion and the Toure affect weight loss with all the extra running Lawros predictions are based on transfers not energy level like his ex team use

  6. I am just looking forwards to seeing the team play a team that isnt insanely rich. This should be a game we have a good run in. oooh we could go up tempo ..

    * dances off into the twilight*

    • I will be happy if Dawson is fucked like Carragher and talking gibberish if we have won and then we will have found the sixth gear Northern Tempo?

    • Thats right they can score late on full of shit Scoty to bring his tempo and Spurs to shoot down the wolves with Silver bullet shots 4-1 To Spurs ooooooooooooooohhhhBUZZZZZZZZIIIINNNG

    • Dirty Toure swilling Tempo topup bastards Wolves there i have said it now i have retired with a virus Like Skeletal Fletch from Utd its all in the mind mine

    • No chance of any drugs after Toure getting banned for 2 years or was it six months oh well there wont be anymore energy cheats while David Man city Bernstein is running the FA 8-2 5-1 where real scores both teams scored three goals after going down a dark tunnel and coming out refreshed.

  7. Basically he thinks we're southern softies. Wolves are type of team we 'could' lose to as they never stop trying an we only play 1 way and cant do that for 90 mins, as we've discovered against both Man teams! Defence HAS to be watertight as Fletcher, Jarvis and Doyle are under rated players, so if Ledley plays id be a lot more confident of us winning than Daws + any other. Doyle especially could expose Daws and i wouldnt be surprised if we concede a pen. I'm not worried about midfield/up front as we are superior in both departments.. so just comes down to the fact of whether we can outscore 'em. With Ady playing we just might edge it as he will want to show he is best striker at spurs (debatable). But Harry please dont go after Becks…hardly showing a statement of intent is it.


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