Lawro predicts Spurs to lose to Wigan


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BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will lose to Wigan Athletic on Sunday.

He told BBC Sport Online: “There are two things Tottenham will have to get over. Firstly, travelling north, where they have struggled to pick up points. Secondly the Wigan pitch, which is in a terrible state.

“While Wigan have also complained about the surface, it is actually an advantage to them because they play on it every other week and the opposition do not. Wigan are the enigma of the league, you don’t know what you’re going to get.

“Verdict: 2-1”


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  1. Lawro has carried on doing what most boys stop at 14 there is a name for that type of person and lawro suits it down to the ground.

  2. Folks – with our track record away to teams we should win against comfortably. Pains me to say it – but I wouldnt be a bit surprised if Lawro was right.

    Wigan will be proper up for it.

  3. I reckon mark lawrence and Sol both bat for the same team.
    ‘ the one of secret closeteers ‘(Pure conjecture/instinct)
    of course. Lauro is a sneering smamrmy schmukk, sitting their gaping mouthed appearing to believe the drunk that told him” that he was funny “.(Alan hansen)
    I reckon he would of been a police man (definately has that smug mug and vengeful look of conceipt)strewn across his punch bag (I mean face).
    I hope Pav farts that shit back in Harrys face (for spurs sake)
    Crouch has me pulling my hair out and looking out the window for
    that kid who’s always fckni starring in as he walks past.Little

  4. Lawro would loath to think at the end of the weekend his beloved Liverpool would be out of the top 4. He has never this season (that i can remember) predicted Liverpool to lose a game, no matter how poor the team is. The blokes an idiot

  5. 9 Times out of 10 lawro and his scouse mate hanson predict our results be happy for that trend to continue here!

    Someone have a word with dawson and corluka and tell them to stop hoofing the ball up to crouch and bypassing our wingers and midfield and we will be okay. When we play on the ground we are great and create so many chances, however these long balls our defence punt up to crouch half the time the midfield are not in support for crouch to knock down to, half the time, infact most the time crouch fails to control the ball or knock it to a spurs player resulting in the oposition gaining possestion and because the majourity of players on the pitch are still in our area, there pinning us back and putting us under pressure not allowing us to play the ball on the floor. When we do get possestion what do we do..we either hoof it back up to crouch and the cycle starts again, we lose posesstion. Or we hoof it out of play again conceeding possestion or just hoofing it and the oposition are so advanced it goes back to them. So many times ive wanted us to PASS it out of our area, keep possestion allow our midfield to advance with the play and finally support the strikers..when we do this we create chances..just take the two halves of bolton in the cup for an example!

  6. Thanks Lawro – you have been predicting wins for us recently and we haven’t got the results – we only seem to do well when he and Hansen predict failure – so 3 points this weekend!

  7. with the recent form and the fact i hate redknap i wouldnt be surprised if spurs fcuked it up and will lose 9-1
    heres hoping redknapp has a hart attack!!


  8. You are an arsehole shelf side, how dare you say something like that. You are not a real spurs fan, you’re just a pathetic little man. Don’t like him – fine, your choice. Just say that, but hoping for something like that is just sick. Hope you don’t have any children, I’d hate to think of a moron like you breeding and making this world a worse place than you already have by just existing.

    I predict a draw on Sunday, that 9-1 was all the motivation they’ll need to keep us shut out.

  9. Fernando69

    your a prick this is a forum this is where you share your veiw your silly little prick, i have been to every home and game for 27 years that gives me the right to say what the fuck i like you prick, i have more support in one finger then you arm chair fans in your whole body and yes i have three kids and they all hate little pricks like you, i will be at the game tommorrow if you want to sort it out little man!

    fernando69 sounds very north london?

  10. Yeah that’s fine, but views on FOOTBALL not on wishing harm on a human being you idiot. Love the way you can’t think of any other word other than prick, you should buy a dictionary, although im assuming you have no idea what one of those is. Surprised you know how to turn on a computer. You’re just really sad aren’t you? I feel sorry for you, but mostly for your kids.

    By the way, I’m a season ticket holder so f*ck you.

  11. thank fuck the shelf side will be pulled down and 27 years is baby milk you leave 69 alone the best position in my book. You should be at the Arsole end talking like that , and you don’t need to live near you to love Spurs Notice i said love we all support a great club with a great and world wide following . I live twelve miles from the bin dippers and have supported Spurs 47 years and trust me when i say this don’t believe when we get beat its because Harry crouch and Lennon Missing because Everton have just beat UTD with two of there best players missing loads of energy and two Kids who have not played for months out injured wake up if i can see the energy drugs then so can you and the ones having heart attacks is sadly rugby and football players last year through over use of these drugs now its second half or once a week to stop this and we have bean a victim of desperate teams using desperate methods to win or draw. Wigan have played Wednesday lets see if they tire Everton dident.Say your sorry and you cant uderstand why we cant beat these teams but dont slag are team off learn like i did the bastard truth is by cheap and make your team compete.

  12. Cheers sand, people like SS dont belong on these forums and just gives Spurs fans a bad name. I’m just sorry I stooped down to his level, I’m better than that.


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