Lawro predicts Tottenham to lose at Manchester United


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BBC Football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will lose at Manchester United on Saturday.

He told BBC Sport Online: “This is a tough one to call because Tottenham are in such good form and it will be a big scalp should Spurs win. But, as well as they are playing at the moment, I cannot see them getting anything here.

“I think United will win to heap the pressure on Chelsea and go on to win all of their remaining games pushing them right to the end in the battle for the Premier League title.

“Prediction: 2-0.”


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  1. Better for our lads to have their expectations lowered rather than raised. This way we go into the match knowing we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  2. I think that makes 35 times that Lawro's predicted us to lose in the league this season. I wonder if he predicted Liverpool to finish below 5th?

  3. If you are all so confident it's 6/4 on Spurs or a draw.

    He's only giving his opinion, no need to get personal!

    You're all such a bunch of children! Adults wouldn't let this bother them!

  4. Lawro always talks rubbish . I have never heard him say anything meaningful about football . All he does is kiss ass to the anchor man on MOTD.He couldnt make a living outside of tv punditry. and lets face it , he aint no Saint or Greavesie.

  5. Great news… Lawro predicts the weekly drubbing for Spurs and STILL we march on. This, while predicting a 2-0 win for Liverpool every week since the extinction of the Mammoth.

  6. Mattyboy..if this was said in private then "fair enough" but it wasn't.
    So any opinion about it that is published here is both deserved and allowed.
    Maybe you should think twice about posting.
    AFAIAC Lawrenson was a good if dirty defender for Liverpool at their heyday.
    As a football pundit, he is grossly overpaid & still maintains the halo around
    the "top four", However if LPool fall out and stay out I do wonder if his tune will
    change. Sucking to the top four takes no knowledge or class or skill.
    Just ask a real PRE EPL MU supporter about the current crop of MU supporters.

  7. Lawro usually gets it wrong and this time he might be right but we have more chance than he thinks we have. Lawro and Hansen are both bigoted muppets.


  8. Mark Lawrenson in an absolute disgrace to football punditry and should have been shown the door a long time ago. Everybody hates his laid-back, nonchalent style. He needs to go along with that guy who used to do Football Focus (and now does the Championship show) and most of the rest of them. And which genius signed up Adebayor to be a pundit for the World Cup? The guy speaks words but nobody has a clue what he's on about. Colin Murray for Match of the Day 2 might not be that bad a choice, will have to wait and see. But Beeb sort your act out!!

  9. Would someone please take the time to compile a premier league table of Lawro's predictions this season…. Liverpool would be right up there, Spurs would be bottom half.

  10. im glad we dont get this guy on TV in australia what a joke of a man if you can call him that.. i would love to see his face if livertool finish 7th please someone post it on youtube if this happens… COYS!!

  11. can everyone stop whining please? it is united away. old trafford. as in the place we haven't won at for 20 years. im not saying we don't have a chance. in fact it is our best in a long time and, referees permitting, we could get a result. But the vitriol of these posts is ridiculous. quite amusing though. Lawrenson is a Bigot! Off with his head!

  12. You're all a shower of SAPS. Lawro might have gotten it wrong last week and many other weeks, but anyone with half a brain would have predicted Chelscum to beat us last weekend. You all were as relieved as you were happy when we won. And which of you genuinely thinks that a sensible prediction would be for us to beat Utd??? I really hope we do, but it'd be literally the best run of results in 50odd years if we did, so lay off the bloke!! He's jsut giving his opinion, and he knows more than most of us idiots having actually played at the top level. Your all an embarrassment to the rest of the Spurs fans

  13. Sound!!! Where's my post?? No bad language?? Just because I criticized these idiot spurs fans for not accepting the FACT that Man U and Chelsea are currently better than us it wont get posted??? Do you really think that Spurs should be tipped to beat Man U? Did you genuinely think we were favorites to beat Chelsea? What kind of forum is this if I cant have my say? Again, an embarrassment to Spurs fans.

  14. What a load of children we have here. Tottenham haven't won at Old Trafford for 21 years and haven't beaten a Top 4 side away for ages. United are well above Tottenham in the table chasing the title and beat them convincingly in the Carling Cup with a weakened side earlier in the season. So Lawrenson would be a total idiot predicting a Tottenham win, but because a load of blinkered fans can't distinguish between an objective opinion (which might be right or wrong) and slagging of their team he gets a load of abuse. No wonder they're an embarrassment as one poster has already pointed out (and of course got another load of abuse for it).


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