Leandro move nearing closer?


Speculation is growing that striker Leandro Damio could be set for a move to Tottenham Hotspur.

The 21-year-old is currently playing for Internacional in his native Brazil and the club admit that his departure is “inevitable”.

Coach Paulo Roberto Falcao is quoted as saying by Sky Sports: “His departure is inevitable. But we hope to keep him for as much time as possible.”

Leandro is a former team-mate of Sandro who has given a glowing reference: “The directors always talk to me about Brazilian players. They asked me about Leandro Damiao and I told them he’s a fantastic guy of high quality.”

“Hopefully we will knock on the door of Inter very soon,” he added.

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  1. I think it could be a good move, however I do feel we also need some one who is used to playing in europe some one like Ezequial Levazzi or the hulk. Big strong players that could play along side Leandro Damio, pav and VDV. I would say time to get rid of Keane,Crouch(sick of playing long ball nonsence, and maybe defoe)

  2. Spurs have the first option on every Internacional player, so if Spurs wants him ,he will be a Spurs player.

  3. If he is anything like the quality of Sandro then sign him now and sign (the best midfield general I have seen for a long time) Sandro on a longer contract as well.

    My big worry is that old Red Nose is only sniffing round after Modric as a smoke screen and his real target is the young Brazilian……….the most important player to keep !!!

  4. to be honest even if we do sign him i dont expect him to play much of a part untill the 2nd half of the season, much like Sandro did, he will need time to adapt & get to grips with the pace of the Prem, maybe the Europa League will be a blessing in disguise and give us a chance to play him in a slightly less high profile game to get used to playing with his team mates, assuming we dont play our under 18s in Europe! he ticks all the boxes physically though, looks like a sensible risk to take & if he turns out half as impressive as Sandro then a price of around £15mil could turn out to be a bargain!

  5. He is a quality player who can finish, is tall and stronger, and also has a lot of flair. The link up with Inter looks to be worth its weight in gold!

  6. If he's as good as Sandro Buy him and get rid of Crouch and Keane ? We need a player who scores at least 25 goals a season minimum?


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