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Obviously a lot of Tottenham Hotspur fans are in shock over the news that Carlo Cudicini has been involved in a motorcycle accident in London earlier today.

The former Chelsea keeper has suffered fractured wrists and injured his pelvis.

Please leave your messages of support, below and we’ll get them passed onto Carlo through the club.

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  1. Carlo i have watched make some incredible saves over the years you’re a great keeper to have in our team, hope you make a full recovery.

  2. Carlo buddy, hope you get healing soon, and you heal quick, not for the clubs sake. Thanks for being a wonderful keeper and if you do make it back in the sticks again. You know where you belong!

  3. My son Darragh was the Spurs mascot away to liverpool earlier this year in May where we met you briefly before the game. We wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully you’ll be back between the sticks for The Spurs in the near future. God bless.

  4. all the best carlo, you are a legend in my house – i support spurs and my wife is a blue! we can’t wait to see you back where you belong receiving an ovation from the park lane end. god bless and may you have a very speedy recovery. be strong for your family. hopefully see you up the lane soon

  5. Great servant to the club and the game, long may it continue, here’s to a speedy recovery. Look forward to seeing you back in a Spurs shirt soon. God bless.

  6. Carlo…. on behalf of all Spurs fans everywhere, i hope you have the quickest, least problematic and pain free recovery ever!

    Keep ya spirits up & God willing, we’ll see ya back between the sticks in our shirt, screaming at the back four, a lot sooner than u think!!!!

    Ottenga il pozzo presto …… ma più motociclette, Carlo …….. che gradiciamo avere u intorno, bene???


  7. Get well soon Carlo, was gutted for you when I heard. Our best wishes go to you and your family. Get well soon boss, we’ll see you between the sticks again before you know it!

  8. Carlo, i hope you make a speedy recovery and get back into action for Spurs soon. I’m a blue and you’re a Chelsea ledgend and I look forward to seeing you at the Bridge again soon.

  9. All my life I’ve been a true fan of Spurs and I’ve never been confident in the goalkeeper’s position, until you’ve put pen to paper. As a back-up keeper, your presence is required. Get well soon Carlo, you’re The Man.

  10. Get well soon carlo :) Used to look up to you when i was younger and a goalkeeper you were brilliant :)

    Get Back To Full Fitness Soon Cant Wait To See You Back.

  11. Aaccident happend right outside my work. Wishing you a really speedy recovery Carlo and cant wait to see you with your gloves back on!

  12. Chelsea fc supporter from Australia when you were at Chelsea you were a brave Courageous goalkeeper and you have done the same at Tottenham you are a true hero to the game hope you get well soon

    Good Luck with your Career

  13. Hello Carlo,I hope u read this as I just don't know how to speak to you. I met you in Barbados I was so lucky I had my photo taken with you,it was love at first sight for me you are the the most gorgeous man I have ever seen,please I hope you remember me.im no model or actress I'm just a hairstylist tiny and blonde.please try and contact me.xxxxxxx


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