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It’s a sad day for Tottenham Hotspur and all associated with the club after Ledley King has announced his retirement.

The defender and club captain has been forced to retire from the game due to his chronic knee injury. In an era when players have left clubs for a bigger pay day (including that defender who used to play for us and moved to the Library) loyalty to the badge is rare and Ledley has been a true servant to Tottenham Hotspur football club.

The 31-year-old joined the club at age 14 and made 323 senior appearances for our club and will now take up a wide-ranging Ambassadorial role and be a champion for the regeneration of Tottenham.

“Ledley has made a magnificent contribution to this Club – as a wonderful player, Captain and ambassador,” Chairman Daniel Levy told the club’s official site. “It has been well documented how he has battled against injury over the years and it is testament to the character of the man how he managed to sustain such high standards of performance on the pitch, while providing such fine leadership.

“It is in an ambassadorial capacity that Ledley will continue, playing a crucial role in supporting the Club’s work in the community and the ongoing regeneration of the Tottenham area, whilst also being a hugely positive role model for our younger players.

“I have been here since I was a boy, I have always considered it my Club and have always found it hard to imagine wearing the shirt of another team,” King said.

“I know that being a one-club man is a rarity these days, but I have always enjoyed being part of the set-up here and the challenge of putting this Club up with the elite where it should be.

“I would like to say thank you to everyone at the Club and to the fans. I have missed a lot of football over the years, but the Spurs fans have always been patient and incredibly supportive with me during difficult periods. Sadly my injuries and inability to train have now finally brought an end to my career.”

“I have been in Tottenham for around 17 years, having started at Spurs when I was 14. It is a second home for me and I pleased that I can continue to work within the Club and for the local community, especially after the devastation caused by the riots last year. I am already heavily involved with the work of Spurs Foundation and the new stadium scheme will be a major factor in the regeneration of the area, so I am delighted that I shall be part of that.’

No words of ours will do Ledley’s service to the club justice.


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  1. If Ledley’s going clubbing so am I

    If Ledley’s going clubbing so am I…

    Cause Ledley put a bouncer on his arse


    Cause Ledley put a bouncer on his arse


    Long live the king.


  2. A very rare breed; if not a dying kind; one of the best defenders the world has ever seen; and my only wish was for the bionic knee to be invented before today! Glad you will still be Tottenham and am sure that you will reap what you sowed.

  3. good luck ledley. fantastic player. will go in the tottenham hall of fame. nice too see a loyal player these
    days. thank you

  4. Thank you Ledley, pure and simple.

    One of our best ever.

    If you read this, any chance of you taking your coaching badges.

    I know we’d all love to have you coaching the boys in the future.

    A true led-gend!!

  5. my favourite spurs player of all time, please keeo working with the kids and teach them how to be such a man as you.

  6. Ledley King you are with out doubt one of the finest players to play for Spurs, we also would be saying the same about England if it was not for your injuries.I wish you all the best for your future in your new role and hope your injures do not cause you problems in the future. Mr Levy can we have a testimonial please , for what Ledley has put his body thought to play for the club i think he deserves one.

  7. Such a pity about the chronic injury you had to carry all them seasons, quite unbelievable how you still managed to put in so many top performances, suppose its credit to your talent and sheer will-power to succeed, a Tottenham legend no less, best wishes Mr Ledley King

  8. Thanks for the amazing loyalty you have showed our great club over the years . Been a truly great player for us and so glad you are going to continue to be involved . You are a true legend and hope they retire the number 26 shirt in your honour . Thanks Ledley x


  10. Quite simply one of the finest defenders i've ever seen and if it hadn't had been for awful luck with injuries would have been an England legend as well as a Spurs one. Best wishes Ledley

  11. My hero and a Spurs Legend.Thank you for everything you have given to us the fans and to Spurs down the years. Long live the king!

  12. Ledley ledley you only had one knee but you were better than john terry. A sad day for the club. You will be missed

  13. Thanks Ledley for all the years of Class, possibly the best Centre Back since Bobby Moore!!!

    Graham from Herts. (Spurs fan for 46 years!)

  14. Hi Ledely I just wanted to say thanks for staying at tottenham all this time you have been such a fantastic play with all respect and spirt you make tottenham feel good as a club because when sol Campbell left you came to us and you done a fantastic job all remember this song “Ledely Ledely his only got one leg his better than John terry oh Ledely Ledely ” thanks Ledely you will be missed so much you made me proud and you made everyone proud well done mate enjoy the rest of your life and come and see us sometime

  15. Devastated for him and us as a club. King of the lane was always better than John terry with only one knee. Legend, star, pure class!!! Will miss him on match days.

  16. Ledley King – Quite simply a leader and the epitomy of everything that Tottenham represents. A hero and I can't wait for the testimonal. Long live the King!

  17. THE best defender and probably Player of his generation. What could have been Ledley, so sorry that injury took it away. Thanks for the memories, never have I had a players name on a shirt , but last year fearing it would be your last I put yours on my home shirt. I hope you continue to be a shiny example for all that is good at Tottenham. There will always be a place for you with all the fans, maybe you can become the new Mr. Tottenham and follow in the footsteps of the great Bill Nick. Best wishes, always be the King.

  18. The King has retired long live the memory of a great servant who may not have won the Medals the traitor won but having thousands of fans making you a true Legend beats any medal forever a Spurs Legend god bless you and lets hope one day you lead our great club out at Wembley has our Manager a King of Kings

  19. Ledley, good luck in retirement, you are simply irreplacable, a true Tottenham legend.
    I will be there and hope to see you at your testimonial.

  20. I have been coming to Spurs since the early sixties wit my Dad ,I have brought my kids to the lane ,they are now parents aswell. I allways told them Dave Mackay was the greatest Spurs player I had ever seen..Now I can say there is another player who is just as great .
    To me Ledley King is as good as anyone I have seen play for Spurs in 50 years,Good luck and stay part of the club

  21. Sorry you've had to call time on your career Ledley, but I'm glad you had the sense to do it before you completely ruined your knees. Have a great life and pass on your fantastic abilities as a defender and reader of the game to the next generation. Thanks for the memories and good luck from someone who remembers the Double side.

  22. Loyal servant to Spurs.Great role model.Pure Class.Legend.

    A Real King.It has been great supporting Spurs with player like you in team.

    Keep on contributing to Spurs with the same values.

  23. When I was a boy playing football with my dad he’d always pretend to be legends such as Jennings and greeves. When I have kids I’ll be playing as legends like you ledley. Stick around please, get your coaching badges and take spurs to victory. Thanks for everything, much respect.

  24. All the best Ledley. Can’t think of anyone better to act as an ambassador for the club. Your dedication to the club and support of the players and fans is immense.

  25. A LEGEND at the club and i'm glad to see he's staying with us in the Ambassadorial role. I hope he takes his coaching badges and can then become more involved in the footballing side of the club. LONG LIVE THE KING.

  26. When Mr T Henry says he was the hardest defender he played against in the PL, that says it all. How he played under such pain and duress and still be worldclass is flabbergasting. A one club legend that deserves all the plaudits he receives. Class pure and simple and a gent to boot, never a bad word uttered or said against him. Mr Terry could do with taking a leaf out of his book and learn something instead of being a continual idiot. If we only had him for a few games a season it was worth it and well done to Harry for getting him by in his latter years, most other managers would have given up on him.

  27. What a Spurs Legend,the kind of club player that has practically disappeared in this age of the big buck.It is great to see that He is to get a testimonial at the end of the season.

  28. Only 8 career yellow cards and zero red’s, pretty much says it all. Absolute spurs Legend. All the best Leds, I’ve forgiven you for the man city game! True gent and one of our all time greats!

  29. the best defender in the world, thanks for every thing u have done, hope u stay and teach the kids and would love 2 c u manage the club in a few years time, ur a true legend and ur be missed, best of luck fuiture

  30. Ledders you are, quite simply, a legend!! Best defender ever to wear a Spurs shirt and your pride and loyalty to the club is humbling. Nice to see a player that revers the club as much as we, the fans, do.

    Massive shame that your injury has seen an end to your career. I truly believe that you would have been Englands' greatest defender too had you been fully fit throughout.

    I am really pleased that you're able to stay with the Club and I think you'll be a great asset in all the things you do for Spurs and Tottenham, the area, in the future.

    Thank you so much for all you've done for us mate. I, nor any of us, will ever forget you!!

  31. I'm still going to have you in my Dream Team this season Ledley.

    Massive loss in playing terms for the team.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Look into the coaching badge side of things.

    Forever a Spurs Legend

  32. I'm sad .. You are a tough defender ..
    I love Tottenham ..
    :( I only can say thank you …
    King, I'll see you sometime .. I'll wear your number on the shirt my football team …

    by. the spurs Indonesia

  33. Sorry to hear your news Ledley you were a quality player I really feel for you I retired at 19 from Blackpool 2000 broken leg left me devistated, now enjoy what ya do next life is more important

  34. Sol Campbell take note you judas gooner scum , that’s how a true legend conducts himself . Cheers for the memories ledders !!

  35. Just to say thnks mate for being such an inspiration – for your great loyalty and good servant to the club
    all the very best and sincere wishes for the future.


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