Ledley King set for Holywood movie talks


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Ledley King, according to the News of the World is about to try his luck in the movie business.

According to the report, the Tottenham Hotspur captain will travel to America after the World Cup to meet film producers and discuss investing in a future project.

King is set to follow Ashley Cole, who along with Rio Ferdinand are said to have raised most of the £3m for the Brit flick Dead Man Running.

Jermain Defoe was considering joining King in the venture, but is reported to have decided against it for the time being.

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  1. I hope King can take Blatter,Platini (one time my hero) ,Beckenbauer etc. to Hollywood so they can learn something about video playback. These f**king old people (I'm 60 myself) are seriously killing the beautiful game. Is there anyway to get them out ? 20 seconds of video playback to review any controversial goal is not "stopping" the game. I hate these stubbornd old guys!!!

    • Agreed. Why are they happy to invest in a new ball, which no-one (especially Wayne Rooney) can control properly but don't feel the need for goal-line technology?

      And why is it that tennis, a game with only 2 players, requires up to 10 officials and employs technology, while football only has three officials who actually do anything?


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