Levy confirms Lane renovation ‘dead in water’


Daniel Levy has confirmed that the only way Spurs will get an improved stadium currently is to move to the Olympic venue, for which they are currently battling West Ham for.

Spurs were also looking at renovating their current stadium, but enlarging and rotating White Hart Lane.

However, despite council approval for the Northumberland Development Project, the cost to build a ground there has now made it impossible.

“That is absolutely dead in the water,” Levy said.

“We have made it clear that the current stadium proposals at Tottenham are not viable so that is not something we are able to proceed with.

“At the moment we do not have an alternative.”

Levy also retaliated to Karren Brady’s recent comments, after the West Ham vice-chairman described Spurs’ plans to demolish and rebuild the Olympic stadium as ‘a corporate crime.’

“I want to deal with facts and the original stadium was always going to be demolished.

“We also promised no white elephants and that is far more important and we don’t want any form of government subsidies.

“We are promising one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art stadiums in Europe that will deliver an exceptional spectator experience.

“Fans will be closer to the pitch than at any other comparable size stadium in the UK, while its acoustic design will ensure that noise from spectators remains within the stadium.

“Accusations that would ‘demolish’ £500million of stadium are hugely inaccurate and highly irresponsible and I want to be very clear on this issue.

“Our proposal will retain around £420m worth of the Olympic stadium, and we will re-use or recycle the £80m that will be dismantled with zero landfill.

“It is also important to remember that two thirds of the Olympic stadium, under the original legacy plan, was to be dismantled – it was not designed to be a permanent structure.

“Recent scaremongering conveniently forgets this fact.

“We would increase the current capacity of Crystal Palace by 9,500 to 25,000 and a new four-lane warm-up track and all weather hockey pitch would also be built.

“With these proposals, Crystal Palace would become a reinvigorated dedicated facility, bringing more activity to the area and be available to the athletics community every single day of the year.”

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  1. Look its about time Spurs fans got behind Levy and the move to Stratford. Its the only way Spurs will get to the next level. The Haringuy council basically shot us down with all their demands that make staying at the Lane imposible. I hate to leave but i want Spurs to be a big succesful and powerful club more. Staying at the Lane will consign Spurs to a medium sized club and out of the big league. Do we really want that? Get behind Levy and Spurs and hope that we win the bid and off to Stratford and Glory

  2. Get behind Levy as staying at the Lane is now too expensive and will consign Spurs as a small club eating crumbs off the table of the big clubs. We have to go as much as it pains us all. Spurs has to become a big club again and sadly that means moving. The Haringauy council shot Spurs down with their outlandish and expensive demands and now they will suffer the consequences. Back the Spurs bid and show everyone that we are united Club with fans and the club in total unison.

    Levy has done so well for Spurs that i think he deserves our trust and support. Lets all get behind him on the way to Stratford and Glory. COYS

  3. levy out, ruining are history for his canary wharf mates..save a few a million? andy carrol sold for 35million shows that the so called 100mil saved wont last two minutes. levy must go

  4. GAZZA …Eating crumbs off the big boys table ?????
    Dont you mean sell our souls to the devil (or maybe some rich oil drenched physco )
    Listen mate I understand what you mean I also see Levy's stance but F.F.S.

    We would ALL love to see the team/club at the top of the table every year
    We would ALL love to see the team/club in champions league every year
    We would ALL love to see the big names in Spurs colours

    BUT AT WHAT COST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We own the Lane its ours and has been for longer than ANY living person can remember.
    We have done OK in the past, we are doing OK in the present, I reckon we will do OK in the future.
    We have had big names in the past, we have big names in the present, we will have big names in the future.

    Let those so called listed buildings FALL OVER !!! no one has given a shit about them before
    Tell English heritage to go find some other mugs to harrass
    Tell Haringay council to get their heads out from their arse
    Clear the land that we have aquired to date, go back to the drawing boards and rethink with what we have.
    Design a new 60/70,000 FOOTBALL stadium ON OUR LAND
    Forget all the bullshit hotels/supermarkets etc etc we are a football club not a fashion statement
    Someone ask Daniel Levy How feasible would it be to rebuild just the stadium and what is the REAL cost Let the fans worry about transportation logistics (We have been doing it for a while now)

    • 'let the fans worry about transportation logistics'

      One of the main stumbling blocks is that the planning authorities don't believe that the area can handle such an increase in supporters.

      Arsenal had the same problem with the Emirates despite the fact that it's much better connected than WHL and despite the fact that both clubs used to have far bigger crowds in the 50's/60's.

      I've worked as an architect for seven years and one of my student projects involved a study of the Emirates proposals while it was still in the planning phase.

      With the benefit of professional experience I can see that the Stamford proposal makes so much more sense than the WHL proposal.

      Should both fall through, I'd like to see how feasible a stadium in King's Cross would be. There's a big bit of land to the north of the station, that I believe Arsenal once considered. It might be pricey, but you won't find an area with better public transport access.

  6. Levy's comments are very convincing & I think we are going to get the nod which would be the best news to Spurs fans all over the world. Spurs history will still be in tact but the future is where's it at.

  7. Gaza, I am with you.

    Also my view of this Karen Brady is that she is intellectually dishonest. She knows that the stadium does not cost 500 million pounds. It is the whole Olympic Stadium site including the infrastructure etc etc that costs that enormous sum of money but yet she tells the whole world of the untruths.

  8. All l can say is that, Mr Levy is spurs through and through. Please, give him your support he deserves it. Guys, try not to be negative about our seeking to move to stratford, cause, the only way is up!!

  9. Bollocks. We are the Pride Of North London. We do not belong in the East End. We ridicule the Scum for moving from South London into our territory and if we move we'll forever be ridiculed by the Spammers. Anyone backing this bid to move to Stratford is not a true Spurs fan and can fuck right off.

    • What's your proposal?

      Sell Bale, Van der Vaart, Modric and quadruple ticket prices? All so we can stay in one of the most inaccessible and run-down areas in North London.

      'To Dare Is To Do' that's what this club is about isn't it?

      • You're obviously a Knob-end. We TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR and Tottenham is where we belong. You may as well piss off and support Arsenal.

        • You sound like a very intellectual individual with your use of the english language. You are extremely articulate. It is ''knob-end's'' and ''wankers'' like you that do not know anything about football. I bet you are in the stands saturday's shouting ''KICK IT, KIC..KI..KICK BALL TO GOAL, SCORE SO WIN, BALL TO GOAL KICK IT..KICK..BALL.''

          • Not at all sausage, I'm just extremely pasionate in my view that Spurs should stay in Tottenham. We're a club built by the local people, not a big cash injection like some others.

          • Built by local people? How many blacks do you see in the stands at white hart lane? I don't see many and they are the only local people in tottenham.

          • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, so i guess i am racist to say zimbawbe is populated by blacks and Russia is mostly populated by whites? You are a dumb piece of shit.

          • No you're racist because you're talking out of youre anus about a place you clearly know nothing about. Because Tottenham is a run down inner london borough you are assuming the ONLY residents are blacks. You are clearly an idiot. Now fuck off.

        • Maybe you should apply for a job on Tottenham's board or possibly even chairman. You're obviously a shrewd negotiator.

          Anyway, being from Essex, shouldn't you be a Hammers fan?

  10. This whole thing is a farce to be honest. Why go through this process when the idea to regenrate WHL is false, and they really wanted Stratford to make it more attractive to potential investors. I would like Levy to explain why we cannot convert our current home into a bigger capacity stadia? Is it that hard, NO to be honest, it just needs less scaled down ideals and some common sense. We just want a bigger capacity ground, come on – Man Utd, Newcastle, Villa, Chelsea all good clubs managed to convert their traditional stadia – surely we can do the same. All I care about is getting a ticket for the game, all these nice facilities genuinly pass the true supporter by. Dear Mr Levy, you cannot win this race for some supposed dumping ground in East London, stay where we are, knock down the East and West stands and you can increase the capacity that way and keep Spurs where it belongs because our heritage and links actually to where we are from matter quite a lot. Thank you, oh and I wont even charge you for that bit of advice.

  11. Bad luck girls, West Ham have won the bid and we (for now) remain the Pride of North London. Still, you could always piss off and support the Spammers if your so in love with the Olympic Stadium. KNOB-ENDS!!!!


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