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Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp says Tottenham would only be able to sign Emmanuel Adebayor on loan.

A permanent deal for the Manchester City striker is out of the question due to his £170,000 a week wages.

He told Sky Sports News: “Adebayor is a name that’s been thrown at me since I’ve been here but I think the club, we were looking maybe to loan him, that was as far as that one had gone.

“So I don’t see a permanent deal being in any shape or form for Adebayor, I think it was just we were looking to get him on loan for a season.

“But where that’s at, again the chairman (Daniel Levy) is dealing with that back home so I’m not sure.

“And other than that we really, I couldn’t give you any names because we haven’t got too many.

“It’s difficult when you’ve got good players – we’ve got lots of good players – to improve on them, so finding players better than we’ve got is difficult.”

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  1. Let Citeh stew with trying to sell off a player under contract for about 170k a week. This is the other side of the Modric coin. When a player signs a contract the club owns him – but the club is also liable for his wages unless a suitable buyer is found.

  2. finding players better than Defoe. Crouch, Pav, Keano is difficult?? I seriously believe we could risk having the youth players at mo, and would likely get a better turn than them. Arry has to take some risks and shake things up in attack. He has got his pal Crouch at spurs for £70k pw & he is useless & will only get worse.

  3. The scary thing is, Harry is usually never shy at mentioning targets names. So maybe adeybayor is our only target which is worrying. We as a club went through a good few years of being linked to everyone and anyone, then levy made sure managers never mentioned any names when linked with the club. Maybe, and hopefully, Harry has been instructed likewise. Cos if he hasn’t we are certainly up sh!t creek without a paddle.

  4. if redknapp said it was snowing you`d have to go to the door and open it and have a luck.the guy tells more lies than pinochio

  5. What’s the point in signing a player only on loan?! What so next season it will only undo any good work that signing has added?! If its a temporary fix upfront why aren’t we signing someone permanant? An if it is the case its temporary it means its temporary untill we sign a striker or actually have a target in mind because right now we don’t have any. Harry only seems to buy from the premier league, players that are proven in this league. He doesn’t take risks with players from abroad. Infact I’d probably say his knowledge of european leagues and the talent in them is pretty shocking!

    • There's loads of points to loaning… Trialling the player over a season. Tempting the player into dropping his wages. He could boot us back into the cl then we could afford to bring in other good players. And yeah it is maybe a temporary fix but who else is out there who we could sign who's better than Defoe, pav or crouch? There aren't many.

    • And your right Harry doesnt take punts on players from other leagues. Only muntari, sandro, kranjcar, van der varrt, belhadje, uttaka… All brought to the premiership by redknapp, all pretty good players and all within the last 5 years. So that's more than one good player from abroad a year on average, find someone who can better than that.

  6. Bagpuss is such a nob, the players aren’t that good. As if it’s hard to find players better (title holders man utd seem to have got players in).

    What he should say is players of the quality I want won’t come here as I messed up and missed out on top 4. Now they are also wary of getting tied to a club that wont sell if the player hands in a transfer request. Right or wrong players usually get there own way and from an outsiders perspective they won’t get that at spurs

  7. I will say give Harry some respect; he deserves some credit for bringing CL. As for Ade, it is good to trial as a loan first as he is at 170k/w and he is troublesome. But I do think he and vdv will work out well. Who knows then with CL, he will say that it is only Spurs and no one else. Then we can cut his wages.

    Another choice we can go back for Berba or Drog with xchange + 35M


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