Levy defends Tottenham after Brady outburst


Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy responded to Brady’s claims that it would be a “corporate crime to bring the bulldozers in” and demolish the Olympic Stadium at the end of the 2012 Games so Tottenham could build a new home, branding them “scaremongering and irresponsible”.

Levy said in a statement: “A lot of emotive phrasing has been used regarding the dismantling of the stadium and it is scaremongering and irresponsible.

“If we look at the facts, the Olympic Stadium as we now see it was never intended to be kept. The original 2012 legacy promised to dismantle all of the stadium above ground leaving a sunken 25,000-capacity athletics arena – that has proved unviable.

“Our plans involve the same amount of dismantling and this is in no way a loss of £500million of stadium infrastructure.

“Given how much of the original groundworks, substructure and podium will remain, around £420million worth, we are talking about £80million of above-ground infrastructure – all of which will be recycled or re-used.

“Additionally, our bid sees a return to the public purse which far exceeds this figure and our bid does not require any public sector funding.”

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  1. Karen Brady is an egotistical fool. She just opens her mouth and emits verbal diarrhea. She should really keep her mouth shut and give her backside a chance.

  2. Tottenham should have the stadium. West Ham will be in the Championship next season and, let’s face it, they are leagues below Tottenham financially, economically and aspirationally. Tottenham are on the rise, not the opposite.

  3. levy is right of course…on the figures..maybe not the total feeling from the fans though regarding the move …the brady bunch dont give a toss about any legacy really….at west hams level of operation it would make them some money not as much as thfc would…period…..the fact is the rethought of a rebuild at the site of stratford will become a political football..by all the tossers of mps like lammy wtc which weve all had to put up with ….farcical posturing and denial of support for spurs plus bad forward planning at the highest level of sports eg….what happenned to wembley and athletics? nice to see all these top people make pratts of themselves isnt it……

  4. West Hams original plans were also to remove the track, I believe that this is still their ultimate goal even if it takes a few years. Karen Brady is not being completely honest, but she is playing good corporate hardball!

  5. Karren Brady is blurring the facts because it suits her needs.THFC WOULD NOT PULL DOWN A 500M STADIUM AS THIS DEVIOUS WOMAN CLAIMS.If you study the plans put in by THFC you will see only a small part would be pulled down and much of that would be reusable at the Crystal Palace site and as for the 500m that figure includes all the infrastructure and groundworks which will not be touched as it would be part of THFC development.Quite honestly how any real business person or at least any one who is not biased for their own agenda could think WHU could possibly make a success of it is beyond belief,WHU may not even stay in the Premier League this season.The two Davids and Brady are a bunch of chancers and are gambling with tax payers money which is being lent at preferential rates at a time of massive public sector cuts and job losses and that is a disgrace.So public sector workers pay for these chancers business venture with their jobs and benefits or the lack of them.I bet if i was starting a small business after being laid off from Newham council i would not be able to borrow a large sum of money at preferential rates.Brady keep your mouth shut and give us a rest from your diatribe.

  6. I've been to WHL only once (2-1 beating pool) after being an oversea fan for 30+ years. Great atmosphere & I understand the sentiments of fans for WHL. However,please note that Spurs are getting more new fans globally,but s-l-o-w-ly. We here are all looking forward to a bigger stadium,anywhere. On the same note,bring on Becks who'll bring more TV coverage,more commercials,more female fans here in China and other major Asian cities. Die hard local fans will always be respected,but don't ignore the "crouch" fans all over the world who support the team as much as the fans cheering for the team in WHL. I watched every Spurs game (even on the computer without sound),many times @ 4 a.m.
    Let's go for Olympics Stadium with all our support.!

  7. I am now thinking the Stratford move may not be a bad thing.

    We get the stadium we need at a lower cost to the club than Northumberland Park.

    We could drop the Tottenham part of the name and become just Hotspur or Spurs.

    Times have changed, is there any real need to remain in Tottenham with it’s poor transport links and dubious local economy?


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