Levy reveals how a Tottenham drug den and revenge plots delayed stadium plans

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur chairman, Daniel Levy, has been masterminding the club’s stadium and training ground redevelopment almost since he walked through the doors at Spurs.

Levy highlighted the need for change back in 2001 when he first arrived at Spurs, and almost instantly set about putting the parts in motion for said change.

Two years later, he began to negotiate deals to acquire the land that Tottenham would need for the project, particularly land around the new stadium site that would allow them to extend.

Levy revealed that this took around 80 separate transactions, which included a rather eye-catching incident involving a drug den and a revenge plot.

A Tottenham warehouse was broken into and bolted from the inside before being turned into a drug den. When Spurs reclaimed the facility and called the police, the club then had some properties on the High Road flooded in retaliation.

Levy revealed all in an interview with the Evening Standard: “We discovered it had been bolted shut from the inside and when we finally got in we found three acres of cannabis growing in there. We obviously had to call the police. The next thing we knew we were victims of a revenge attack when the water pipes on the properties we owned down the High Road were cut, which flooded them all.”

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