Levy tells Spurs fans he won’t risk club for Champions League


Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has insisted that he will not jeopardise the future of the club just because we are now in the Champions League.

Levy has told fans not to get carried away with the fact that we are now in Europe’s top club competition and that it will be difficult to hold down a top four place in the Premier League.

“We deserve to be in the Champions League. Our history dictates that but it has taken us a long time to get back,” the chairman said in The Guardian.

“I think it’s a huge achievement for Harry [Redknapp], all his coaching staff and players and the fans as well. It’s something special.

“I think we all want to stay there but we all have to be realistic. There are only four places in England and there are seven or eight clubs competing.

“There are probably two clubs you could say are guaranteed to be in that top four. You then have two places for six clubs. The odds are stacked against you.

“But what we won’t do is jeopardise the club to challenge to be one of those two. You can’t run the club on the basis of being in the Champions League.”


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  1. Levy his right to make this statement he can see this year will be even harder and its nothing to do with City spending. The big problem is what i call the Cinderella footballer he cost nothing his unknown looks like he his worth Millions get sold then they turn out to be only worth a million or two. Then there is the other Footballer taken of the scrap heap by clubs with no money to compete with the well run clubs or like Liverpool and Man Utd not so well run , They have fans open mouth why they only cost penny's and look like Millionaires. We have lost five points to this type of players not Man Citys real Millionaires. Both Wigan and West Brom could cost us Millions with a squad costing less than half of our bench. Blackpool hammered Wigan on there own ground yet Wigan beat Spurs and stopped us from scoring West Brom had us hanging on for a draw when we looked bankers for the points. I would bet my house my love for Spurs and my wife and children if teams stayed on the pitch instead of going down the tunnel at half time results would be different . They say the manager must said something good or tactical changes , but in these games nothing changed only the Tempo . To explain this last year we played Everton at home and we where leading 2-0 and looking comfortable plus Everton had played on Thursday and got beat so Everton would tire and we should have an easy three points . This was not the case Everton went down the tunnel and they came out full of Energy and we where lucky to win. This is the problem with the premiership the Tempo and Energy his like the X factor voices doctored . This his why Levy should not buy players costing Millions but use our talented kids to enhance the squad and just like Rose did they could help us stay in fourth with there natural energy from being young and Hungry to please the Manager and fans

  2. Our main aim should always be the premiership, that alone is the key to success. If we're to compete with the best given our current circumstances it can only be through good team management and even better financial acumen. Currently the system works well and long may it reign . Until the stadium is given the green light which is at least three more seasons away we can hope with the current side to achieve 3rd at bes t6th place at least and that is only dependent on the opposition like Liverpool, Man City and Villa falling short, if regular CL is to be achieved. Our side is good enough to consolidate that position and could go onwards given the age's of most of the current squad. As Davspurs cited if we played Wigan like we did Man City, then there wouldn't be any discontent amongst us, but there's always a tendency to treat teams from the lower half as cannon fodder, and its bitten us yet again and they're points that will prove vital at the seasons end. Rarely do top sides drop points against lesser teams, yet we do it with alarming consistency,that's possibly poor leadership if truth be told or plain arrogance which is worse in my eyes!


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