Levy time???


It’s the morning after the night before and yet again I’m left questioning what we’ve done? Or is it what we haven’t done? Like most Spurs fans I’m left scratching my head just as I was at the same time last year.

I really don’t want to charge into Daniel and the board and have a pop at them because we all know that to be fair they have done a terrific job in keeping this club stable financially, especially when you look at so many other clubs debts and turmoil they’ve have been through. Yet it’s now getting to a point that I’m starting to question them, and more so each window.

Every transfer deadline a section of Spurs fans AND some media get sucked into this so-called “Levy Time” hype, and to be honest I even posted some joke snaps on my Twitter yesterday but it was just for fun, because to tell the truth for me “Levy time” doesn’t exist never has.

Every transfer windows the same, there’s always an area that needs improvement but an area that would make the difference of trying to compete for a Champions League spot and getting that spot. Last January the team had been flying and there was even a small chance we was fighting for the title; however we all knew we needed 1 more top player to go up front and bang in those extra goals, Tevez got a mention and so did the usual suspect, yet we ended up with Louis Saha, not what we had in mind? Now not blaming Saha but we fell away dramatically, arsenal passed us and Chelsea won the Cup, Europa League came calling. In the summer we all knew we still needed a midfielder after losing Modric and VDV and although we like Dembele he isn’t that little maestro type that can unlock a defence as he plays a different role to that, we all knew we still needed that striker too.

We did get in Adey and for a minimal sum considering, however we’ve now learnt we can’t rely on him turning up for every game (such a shame as he has what it takes) we got in Demspey at 10.30pm because Fulham didn’t want to sell to Liverpool and because wed missed the boat on everyone else, yet Dempsey isn’t an out and out striker either.

I’ve not even spoken about the Moutinho saga at this stage, what’s the point? We all know what happened there, as I’ve said before that was “never” gonna happen, no matter what we read simply because of this…. If Mr Levy was serious about spending more money than he’s ever spent before there is “no way” he was gonna leave it till the last minute and treat it like a trolly dash round primark! No way!
Now back to yesterday, all the Spurs talk was about moving people on, true dead wood needs to go, but I just can’t understand Mr Levy’s thinking, he would rather pay the likes of Bentley Gomes Etc. the huge salary each week knowing full well they will not be played, rather than just except a small fee and move them on? Ok he hates the thought of losing all that money we invested in them but the truth is those boys are NOT going to play, not at all but are costing us more and more money as the weeks go by, move them on and save on the wages? Yet here I am scratching my head again wondering why we haven’t got in a top goal scorer when it’s obvious to everyone in the game that’s what we need, the Damiao saga, is he? Isn’t he? Went on right up to the wire, of course the club can’t be blamed for what the media may be reporting as there’s a chance it may be of course be incorrect, however it doesn’t take away from the fact the again as we sit in 4th spot the goals have dried up Defoe may be carrying in groin injury Adey’s away in Africa and we are still without a top striker to help with the final push?
If we miss out on Champions League for a 3rd season running after being in a decent place mid-January I for one will be very angry, and will then being asking the question “is this board serious about challenging for the top trophies” because our reluctance in signing the best players tells me possibly not, by getting into the champions league secures a bug pay day, but to get there in the first place means strengthening the team “not” just replacing who may of left, we needed to add 3 years ago and we still need to add now.

If come the end of the season we’re going into the Champions League draw then I’ll have to admit I could have be wrong to question, however if we have to sit here today with our fingers crossed that we stay injury free, fatigue free, don’t collapse like last year and arsenal don’t go on a decent run then I’ve got to say I’m not feeling too positive and come that day I will then be looking in the direction of the boardroom for an explanation!

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  1. I think it’s easy to feel rather disappointed after the non-event of last night, but there are perhaps a couple of things worth considering:

    Levy and the board are playing the long game. They have built a new, world class, and perhaps even world renowned, training centre, and a new stadium is on its way. This IS to enable us to compete for titles, not just a place in the CL.
    Re: the Damiao farce(?), it is perhaps worth wondering, if, with all this club development, we might actually have had cash flow problems?
    We have lacked a world class striker for a long time – there aren't many around – but perhaps more than anything this season, we have lacked creativity, and optimistically speaking hopefully Holtby addresses this.

    It is easy to be down on Levy and Co, but wonder how much Holtby would have cost if he wasn't at the end of his contract, and would he have come if it were not for AVB and the new training facilities – both of which he has cited as influential in him choosing Spurs among stiff competition – and both of which Levy is responsible for!

    We got rid of Jenas.

  2. There are ONLY 15 or so games left in the EPL. Surely two strikers, plus Dempsey who CAN perform a poacher-type role upfront, IS more than enough to secure the CL place we all desire.
    Arsenal had ONE striker last season (Van persie, who was hardly renowned for being injury free in the past) and STILL finished above us despite being 13 points behind!
    So I’m not sure why there is so much doom and gloom surrounding us all of a sudden, especially considering what we have done so far this season with the same amount of players (bar Sandro).
    We have just completely dominated the champions elect at WHL the other week, currently sit 4 points off third and just signed one of the brightest creative prospects in Europe!!!
    Despite what some seem to think, running a club with 36,000 stadium capacity, without CL income and a yet remaining EXTREMELY competitive is NOT easy.
    Panic buys last night would have been a HUGE mistake as most Arsenal supporters would testify, as it LOWERS the standard in quality, while leaving your club with a HIGHER wage bill!
    The club is CALM and UPBEAT, so maybe some of you doom mongers should learn to do the same, instead of managing somehow to portray an image of a club in crisis.
    So, your disappointed, I understand, but GET OVER IT!!!
    Whats done is done, and we would be a whole lot better for rallying around our squad/team/chairmen instead of allowing a FEAR-BASED NEGATIVITY to engulf the club we love and potentialLY ruin our season.
    People overcome the odds everyday, and I can assure you that they don’t do it by WHINING, COMPLAINING or GIVING UP when things get a little tough.
    All I’m reading is Levy did this, Levy’s done that. Well, I think we can ALL agree that our GREAT club has become unrecognisable, in terms of stature, reputation and ambition since Levy took over!
    We are without question a club on the up, and its about time a few of you remember that!!!!

    • Too right! Lets be positive and appreciative!

      In the UK, at least, there is no other club, or club hierarchy i'd rather have!

  3. Hooray. Some positive comments. Levy has not just done well financially, but on the pitch too. Our league finishes are higher too. Training facilities and stadium to be delivered. The guy has made mistakes before, but not here. We have decided that it was Leandro or Kane, and no one else. 20m for Leandro is extortionate. The 20m mark is for established players – either seasoned internationals, or already playing in strong European league, which Leandro is yet to be. Save the money for summer.

  4. Bloody well said Ramos!!! –

    Im 28 years old, lived thru the 80s and 90s with every other prick you meet a manure or arse fan rubbing it in,.. these are good times at Spurs,.. They are here due to balls and investments from Levy.

    We are almost there,… I loe what I hear and see in AVB,. A young man (older than me, but relatively speaking!) with desire passion, A BRAIN!!…..AND SOME CLASS TOO!!!! – Do u ever hear him whining about inheriting a squad without King, Modders, Rafa, Krancjaer and Pienaar?.. Or not having Benny Parker or Kabooooom for half the season??? – NO!!!

    He doesnt use the press to vent frustrations or sell his own little agenda,… Or,… Far more importantly ,. bleating out excuses to his press buddies! (I wonder who I m thinking of?!?)

    Because he is a winner…. – In time he will have pedigree.. Hop[efully….. That willbe after his proved he's a winner with us. COYS.

  5. As is always the way with Spurs we seem unwilling to enter into early negotiations with the selling club hoping that we may be able to secure a better deal at the end of the window. These clubs are not as stupid as our board would like to think, are we really supposed to think that we can ambush a club with a late offer and think they are just going to accept it…. if we really want the player then set out from the off to go and get him because as the last 4 windows has shown our strategy is not working.

    Lewis Holtby will i think be a great additionand will fit nicely into that No10 role, but the glaring and obvious need for a 'world class striker' has yet again been missed, and personally i believe we will pay the price of no CL football next season…….. the thought even crossed my mind that Mr Levy goes in with a much lower bid than what was needed with a few hours to go knowing it would be rebuffed….. just so that he could show us fans that he was trying to tie up a deal but with no real intent for closure.


    • So how much do you suppose this 'World Class' striker you speak of, would cost?

      Like it or not, Spurs CAN'T afford to shop at Harrods without a bigger stadium and/or REGULAR CL football !

      That is where our chairmen HAS done such a fantastic job in signing promising young players with potential to reach the very top .i.e. Bale, Lennon, Walker, Sandro, Modric and Holtby to name a few.

      We would ALL obviously LIKE a world class striker but our BEST chances of us doing that, at the moment, is by following the business/ long-term model that is serving us so well at present.

  6. Like the writer of this article I am extremely disappointed that we still do not have the required forward to help us forward into Champions league. More and more it seems that our chairman, who seems to be trying to demonstrate that Tottenham can still get to champions league with a team on the cheep. If Mr Levy really wants to be the chairman of a successful team then he had better stop messing around and do us a favour and get on and purchase the required players as early as possible, preferably before the last minute of the transfer window. Mr Levy have you not yet noticed that the other team chairmen are playing your game to their advantage. You have been unsuccessful in purchasing the required player in two different windows. Please get on with it because your handling of this situation is costing our team revenue that we that we can ill afford to loose but could have earned had we been in the Champions league.

    • Not, on the cheap, ON A BUDGET, because that's what we're on, a BUDGET!

      It is very easy to say that Levy should have taken more of a RISK with the high profile striker purchase which may have paid for itself in the CL rewards. It is a RISK that a lot of us feel he should have made, but it is he who has the whole picture.

      Lets look at other teams who have CL ambition: Blackburn, QPR errr…..!; didn't see Everton going large to cement THEIR place did we!?

  7. Ramos43…. i agree it is difficult to go out and find that standard of player, but surely you recognise that our current crop of strikers are not cutting it ……… Berba was never replaced, Modric was, but with half the fee…. how much longer do you think Gareth Bale is going to stay if we are not prepared to show intent, he's not going to be telling everyone he's staying because Levy has delivered a new coplex and stadium, he wants to compete at thwe top and se do we. i agree Levy has put the club at a position we have not been at for 20yrs and everyone appreciates that but we must be bold and take the next step ….. however big that may be….. or just be cotent to be dreamers!!!


    • The signing of Berbatov was the result of excellent scouting and shrewd negotiating on behalf of the club.
      We eventually signed the Bulgarian for a fee of £10.75m. A fee we EXCEEDED when trying to replace Dimitar, with Bent and Pav (not to forget the the resigning of Keane, Defoe and Crouch)

      Lets be honest, Berbatov's don't come around everyday, not for 10 mill anyway. So replacing/(upgrading on ) the big man was ALWAYS going to be a challenge, especially without having the lure of regular CL football to entice targets.

      As regards to Bale, I think we are doing the lad a disservice if we think he doesn't understand the clubs financial restraints. He must know that the club can't go throwing around SILLY money as we have a SMALL stadium (compared to our direct rivals), are without REGULAR CL football and don't have the benefit of a Russian SUGAR DADDY.


      Of course he wants to play CL football, that's a given. Just the same way that his desire to play abroad WILL EVENTUALLY see him leave the lane for the sunnier climates in Spain, one day. But NONE of those things mean he isn't happy where he is, or that he will automatically want to leave SHOULD we fail to secure our seat at Europes top table next year.

      Bale see the strides the club has made on AND off the pitch in the last seven years, and I believe Bale LOVES the idea of being part of a new, YOUNG team, led by a YOUNG coach with a big reputation.

      I AGREE that a marquee signing would be the PERFECT ASSURANCE to BALE (if he needs any) that the club shares his ambition, BUT I WOULDN'T BANKRUPT THE CLUB FOR IT!


      Besides, I'm sure the NEW 'World Class' training facility he currently enjoys, serves as a constant reminder of the clubs intent…. as does the signing of German International Holtby.

      Just for the record I COMPLETELY BELIEVE that will WILL finish amongst the top 4 clubs in the league for a 2nd consecutive season!!!!

  8. same old story if you people trust Levy god help you yes we do have a great training ground maybe a new stadium but they are no good if we do not have a team we talk about CL finishing fourth do man utd talk about finishing fourth no they go and get the best spurs go basement shopping always looking for bargins yes Levy has turned our club around but it is time for him to move on for the sake of spurs with him at the helm we will never get the kind of players this club needs

  9. I am actually quite tired or Levy. I am happy that we have gone forward as a club, but that is also his freaking job. I think he has reached his limit for what he can do for the club, he could take us here but not further, he is not the man who can lift us that extra notch we need. He dosent have that sense for it, you cant always pick up the bread crumbs to build a fantastic team, sometimes you actually have to buy the bread. He is not willing to do that. Turning on every nickle and dime into absurdum is not what we need right now. We dont have to be reckless either, but its getting rather ridicolous. I dont think dempsey, sigurdsson, dembele nor holtby is AVB’s choice, its been rather clear what players he was intrested in. Probably cause he felt those would suit his style of play the best. These we got has a diffrent style of play and another kind of skill set. Its about time the manager gets to choose his players, even if it means just 1 player.

  10. Thanks for all your views and comments generated through this article, what's for sure is its all about opinions, 1 of you chaps mentioned age, well I my self am 40 and I've never seen us win the league I fact the highest I've seen us finish in 3rd, if seen us win a UEFA Cup and 3 FA Cups and finally 1 league cup, my point being I've seen us win 5 times in 40 years only 5 times in 40 years, and that for me isn't enough, agreed Levy and co have developed the new Hotspur training centre, agreed they are looking to fund a new stadium but as for not affording to buy a top striker I can't agree, we made more money last summer than we spent, spent £50 odd mill and got back £60 +, as for only 15 games left yes of course we should be able to cope BUT if Adey dosent improve or JD is injured OR both will not score enough goals to finish above the mob down the road. As for building a new stadium to compete yes I agree that would be fantastic but we only have to look at afc to see they have it yet it hasn't helped them.. There are loads of opinions and question but for me every time we establish ourselves in 4/5th under Jol then Harry and now AVB Levy gets rid and says this manager has taken us as far as he can ???? Maybe the manages are fine and it's the team / squad that have gone as far as they can, maybe the squad needs to be improved? I'd rather us have signed a top striker now to help secure CL in turn securing Bale and alike than gamble and possibly miss out and lose some players in the summer!
    He did the same to Jol Harry and now AVB.. If we don't make it this time like it or not questions do need to be asked and answers given.
    Even if I don't like the response!

  11. As I lifelong Spurs fan, I am appalled by the "Circus" that we go through in the last day of the transfer window. We are crying out for a world class striker to complete a terrific team and push on with 15 games remaining. What angers me is, ok, Daniel Levy does not wish to pay big money for quality players but he could have got one on loan for the rest of the season.


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