Levy would reject £200m offer for Pochettino claims former Spurs boss

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has claimed that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy will turn down any offer that Manchester United make for Mauricio Pochettino.

The British press has been dominated by news linking the Argentine to the managerial vacancy at Manchester United over the past few days.

Although Pochettino has insisted he is focused on his job at Tottenham, he has not outrightly denied the rumours linking him with the Man Utd job.

Tim Sherwood, the man who Pochettino replaced at the helm at Tottenham over four years ago reckons that Daniel Levy will be worried about the link.

Speaking during Sky Sports’ ‘The Debate‘, the 49-year-old said, “Daniel Levy will be worried because it’s Manchester United, any other club in the Premier League, forget about it,”

Sherwood further went on to say that Levy will even turn down a £200million offer from the Red Devils for the 46-year-old Argentine.

He added, “I don’t think he will go. I think he is halfway through building something very special. How will Daniel [Levy] react to it? Daniel will dismiss it. You could give £200million at this present moment in time for Pochettino, Daniel Levy will turn that down.”

While Daniel Levy is certainly a tough cookie when it comes to negotiations, if Pochettino expresses his desire to leave the club, there is little that the club or Levy could do to hold on to him. Spurs fans will certainly be hoping that Sherwood is right and that the Argentine will want to stay to finish his project.

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  1. At last someone has said something sensible about this. The rest are running around like headless chickens. I hope Tim is right as far as Poch wanting to finish the job, but he is certainly right about Daniel Levy.

    The “journalists” and pundits are still living in the past. Things have moved on. It was pathetic to read that Man U were willing to buy up his contract for about £40m. What was even more unbelivable was the idea that we we would promptly let our manager and all the star players go to play in Salford.

    Well said Tim. What you left out is that ManUre are deep in the doo-doo right now and have no defence worthy of the name and a load of older mercenaries who are past their prime.

  2. I don,t think managers are subject to same laws as players, because managers are primarily employees of the clubs the represent, at most they can buy out their remaining contracts, but I don’t think they could be purchased and sold like players, unless their contract specifically mentions it.

  3. Disagree, man utd’s wanted McGuire but Leicester just said he cannot go and of story and would be same at spurs, poach would ruck up

  4. Jibran….they are still under contract (and MoPo until 2023). I don’t think another club has a way of terminating his contract UNLESS Spurs allow it.


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