I can lift Luka’s spirits – Redknapp


Luka Modric Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp believes that he can raise Luka Modric’s spirits once the Augusy 31 deadline has passed.

If Modric is not allowed to go, Redknapp knows he may have some reassurance of his own to deliver to the Spurs playmaker.

“If anyone can pick him up, I can,” said Redknapp. “I have a great relationship with him.

“People have to understand it is not an easy situation.

“If someone offered to treble anyone’s wages, they would find it difficult, wherever they worked. That is the situation the boy is in.

“If someone offers £150,000 a week rather than £50,000, you are going to have your head turned.

“Some players can handle it. I know players who have caused havoc in the dressing room in order to get a move. I have seen it so many times.

“But he wouldn’t cause anyone a problem.

“Let’s be truthful. He wanted to go, but he has just got confused with it all.”

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  1. pick him up harry give him his dummy sing him a lulaby put him in a pram send him down the kings road to those stupid chav just get rid of the rat so that we can all have a piece of mind please thank you.

  2. hes a fucking weasal from. Ugly prick. Keep him in the reserves and let him learn a lesson. fuck the weasal.He lives with people in Tottenham who dont see 50 grand in a lifetime let alone a week. When we get these fuckin oafs at Spurs we should tell them that a contract is a contract and if they want to sign it fine but dont lament after. Fuck him, Levy should show steel, keep him in the reserves until his contract finishes or sell him about a year before it expires fuck him.


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