Liverpool want Harry Redknapp as Rafa replacement


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Liverpool are considering a move for Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp, according to Sky Sports.

The Reds are without a manager after parting company with Rafa Benitez following six years in charge at Anfield.

Redknapp has guided Spurs into the Champions League after rescuing the club from relegation since replacing Juande Ramos in October 2008.  Redknapp has only a year to run on his deal at White Hart Lane and talks have not yet taken place over a new deal.

Fulham’s Roy Hodgson has been tipped by many to take over at Anfield, by Sky are now claiming that Liverpool now want Redknapp.


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  1. Yeah, I heard this on Skyports a while ago.

    No chance. Tottenham are a rising force, Liverpool are a sinking ship.

  2. If liverpool want harry then i would take £10million for him or even give us torres for happy harry lol. Harry is going to stay for sure he said himself this is his club he is going to manage before he retires.

  3. Well I would be more confident if Harry had shown a little loyalty in the past, but he did shaft Pompey by going to the Saints, and more worryingly did it without any consideration for either set of fans, especially when going back again.
    That act in itself tell me that Harry's motivated by only one thing and one thing only, so it could come down soles on the deal Daniel Levy offers him in comparison to Liverpool. If we're deluded by the current position of both teams, don't be. Liverpool like it or not are a massive outfit and a prestigious club to manage. Tottenham are going places, no doubt about and there always seems to be something from the 'Sky Four' clubs that put a spoke in anything we try to do, perhaps is just another one?

  4. He won’t be joining that failed joke of a club. They just spent their entire transfer budget on getting rid of the manager. Idiot yanks.

  5. haa yeh right. First of all he's managing a champions league club , so managing a mickey mouse team like Liverpool with NO money won't be worth it!! Also we have a much better team than them with more depth in every position. And lastly Harry has to get up at 5 every morning to get to spurs lodge, so going to liverpool ??? ouchhh maybe a plane??…haha bless them

  6. If Harry is only motivated by money then why did he turn down the Newcastle job when he was at Pompey? He must know he wouldn't have the setup, financial stability, and support from the Chairman that he has at Spurs.

  7. What manager in their right mind would get a club into the Champions League and then not stick around to take part in the competition, joining a club that are in Europa League? Get real!!! Harry is a professional who loves the game. To suggest he's purely motivated by money is ludicrous. He is ambitious and has shown that in getting us where we are and I'm sure that all he has on his mind now is doing his very best in club football's most prestigious cup competition with the team we worked hard to get there with.

  8. It would be a disaster if Harry left us for Liverpool. It would also be a move backwards for him. Harry is the best Manager we have had for decades and in his first full season got us our 3rd highest points tally of all time. Please don't go!!!! Levy do what it takes to warn them off.

  9. A few Spurs fans (I'm one of them) need to remember that Harry hasn't exactly show incredible loyalty in the past. And to suggest his words of wishing to retire with Tottenham are set in stone, should remember how he vocally conducts his transfer business. Is this a possibility? Yes.

    Liverpool regardless of their current problems are a huge club both domestically and in Europe. However, it would take him a few seasons to get Liverpool's squad back on track. Would he give up a deep and settled squad with CL football next year? Would he give up his home on the south coast? Probably not.

    Harry would no doubt consider the move seriously but is probably going to be put off by the move away from his settled home life and a lack of funds to quickly turn things around. It's more likely he'll use this and the noises coming out of the Middle East to ensure Levy provides a nice fat contract. Let's not lose sight of the fact he was very quick to rebuff comments that he'd been given bonuses for preventing relegation and providing CL football.

    I don't think anyone should worry about Levy's actions, as it's not like there was much publicity before new contracts were announced for King, Bale, Modric and Cudicini. Trust that Daniel is all over this, and this fuss will simply serve to speed-up negotiations.


  10. This is a bullshit story that was first run by the Mirror on Thursday, probably written by a gooner. All sky sports are doing is rehashing a non-existent 'story' that has no foundation. Who in their right mind would leave a team who will be competing in the champions league and go to a team in the Europa league? Not Harry Redknapp that's for sure. He built that team and worked damn hard to get Spurs there, what… to leave now that he's got there? Every manager strives to get his team into the Champions league. Now that he's there, he's just going to not bother with it and say better luck next year. He even said it himself that getting to the Champions league is better than winning the FA Cup. Get real utter crap reporting. That's why sky is renowned for being total shite. What do you expect when they employ the likes of Andy Grey, Paul Merson and Phil Thompson!

  11. Please don’t allow this to happen Mr Levy harry gave us our Tottenham back! He brings the best out of players and is a wonderful man manager. To be honest though I don’t think harry will leave spurs to join anyone spurs will challenge for the title next season I have no doubt about that!COYS

  12. Cant imagine for a second Harry leaving. To go to a shocking club(however good they have been in the past) who are selling the stars (mascherano, torres,gerrard,benayoun) and leave a club that offers him a job for life stability and 100% backing from Levy. No fucking chance. Can you imagine Harry dealing with that board. He would tell them to fuck off and he'd just walk out. Benitez was given so much shit and that will be a big put off for any new manager. COYS

  13. Breaking news, Liverpool sign Harry and in return they have sent Graeme Souness down to manage spurs for the 10/11 season. Good luck my southern friends!

  14. you guys are deluded if you think hes loyal to anyone but himself. ‘the club i will retire at’ dream on. a month before he scabbed us for you he was quoted as saying ‘im pompey till i die’ thats why we hate him tho he’s a bit forgiven for letting us screw you in the cup. good luck. he wont turn down liverpool imho


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