Liverpool’s Champions League penalty would not be awarded in PL next season

Image: SpursWeb

VAR will be introduced into the Premier League this season for the first time in the competition’s history.

The video technology has delivered plenty of controversies when utilised in other tournaments which Tottenham Hotspur fans can certainly vouch for.

Spurs were on the receiving end of two harsh decisions in last season’s Champions League competition when handball was adjudged to have taken place in their own penalty area.

The referee’s watch showed less than 30 seconds in the Champions League final when the official pointed to the penalty spot when Sadio Mane’s ball appeared to ricochet off Moussa Sissoko’s chest before striking his outstretched arm.

Danny Rose was also the victim when during the Champions League quarter-final first leg against Manchester City, when the Spurs defender attempted to block a shot on goal which struck his arm as he went to ground.

Premier League referees’ chief Mike Riley has insisted in an interview with The Times that VAR referees will not be as hard-lined with such instances and even revealed that the penalties awarded against Danny Rose and Moussa Sissoko would not be awarded if it took place in the Premier League next season.


It is refreshing that Riley insists that common sense will be used with such controversial matters next season, unfortunately for Spurs they were pegged back in the Champions League final within the space of the first minute which set the tone for the rest of the match.

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  1. Except VAR was in the CL Final so it wouldn’t have changed anything; maybe Sissoko shouldn’t be ordering his teammates behind the ball with his arm out inside his own penalty box. Stop making excuses for your shortcomings, there was 88 minutes left to score an equalizer.

  2. I always thought handball was handball, and sousoko handled that ball in the penalty area full stop, it was handball and the chest at the same time, not off the chest onto the arm, Bull*hit, yeah got beaten on the day, except it an move on, nobody likes a bad loser, Spurs played well on the day, alas it wasn’t to be.


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