Rumour – Redknapp and £15m striker meet at French airport


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Rumours on Twitter are claiming that Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp met with striker Loic Remy yesterday.

According to @LaurensJulien, who is a French football journalist based in London working for Le Parisien, RTL and Infosport – the pair met at Orly airport in what the journalist describes as “Looking good for Spurs.  Marseille is asking £15M for the transfer.”

The 25-year-old has scored 28 league goals in 60 appearances for Marseille and would certainly add some much needed firepower to the Spurs attack, especially if we miss out on bringing Emmanuel Adebayor back to the Lane for another season.

Would you like to see Spurs sign Remy?  We certainly would!  Have your say below…

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  1. i would like that very much but it gets to me when players say they want a new challenge but the team they move to must be playing champions league.

    what could be more rewarding than fighting for a place in europe top league, it looks like they all want a easy ride. if you exclued money the top teams would and still are man utd, liverpool, arsenal & spurs.

  2. I think Remy would be a very good signing- he can play on the wings and up front so his versatility is something that is needed. For £15million, i think that is a good price to play as well so its a good deal all round. I think we should add Vertonghen, Lloris, Giroud, Adebaoyor and Hoillet if we can then we should be good to go! The rest of the two Manchester sides should watch their back! COYS!COBM!

  3. Good striker, doesn’t achieve huge number of total in terms of goals though. In the right environment and better coaching he will prove to be a good signing eventually. He only played two also run sides in French League. How he will fare in a top class league with a top four team is all to be seen hopefully. I am just happy to see Spurs acting quickly this time to conclude their deals for identified targets.

  4. bit expensive we need a top defender king aint getin any younger we cant keep playing king and gallas in central defence. we also need a good keeper fridel is good but he is 40 cudcini was s”’ againist chealsea

  5. unfortunately we will not sign any high profile names unless we secure Cl football and i have a horrible feeling chelsea will win. as that is the spurs way :-(.

  6. Is he the world class striker we’ve been looking for for God knows how many years? His goal scoring record doesn’t seem to indicate that, but maybe he’d score more with us, considering the amount of chances we make (and don’t convert). I haven’t seen anything of him, to be totally honest, so it’s hard to judge.

    I must admit, I’m disappointed we haven’t gone after Llorente. I know we’ve (apparently) made bids for him over the past couple of seasons but I think we need to really go for it now and pay what Bilbao want because I think he’d be perfect for us.

    Oh well, if we do happen to get Remy maybe he’ll surprise me and be the ‘world class’ striker we need.

  7. Get him in would luv him! Bring in vertoghen, remy, foster or Robinson , redmond and without doubt sign Adebayor we will without doubt challenge for the title

  8. From all accounts he’s a striker. He’s not a winger. He plays up top.

    Won’t be cover for Bale, VDV or Lennon. What would be great if he was an understudy and cover for Adebayor but we know this is Levy and he will be a replacement for Ade cause we can’t afford Ade’s wages. His stats as a front man are less than Ade’s, even though he was playing in an easier league. From what I’ve heard he’s more like Defoe but not as deadly in front of goal. Have I been hearing wrong about this player? To me he seems a downgrade on Adebayor.









  10. What we need to do is object to Chelsea claiming our spot finishings 6th and for using performance drugs and overspending in accordance with the new Fair Play Rules. This is not sour grapes but true and all the gaunt looking players on both sides show me Ufa and the FA have lost the battle of energy giving drugs. When Ufa fined two Moscow Players 6,000 and banned them for two matches and the FA followed this up by banning Kolo Toure 8 months Football failed to stop a problem buying players wont solve drug cheats have become team cheats i no this 100 percent and i had it confirmed by the testers Ephedrine and other energy drugs are being used to help teams blanket defend in numbers for the whole game and you can use any players to block shots and stop teams scoring if they don’t tire. This has cost Spurs millions through one draw Villa and one win Chelsea both energetic performances.

  11. Message to Davspur – If all the other teams in the leage are using performance enhancing drugs, surely Spurs are too? Or are you saying we are the only team who doesn't use it?

  12. I am a long time supporter of the Lilywhites, but I now live in Canada. You might not like my analogy, but I would like to point out here. That there was a similar problem with the NHL (hockey.) Fo r years we had the domination of four or five teams, who had lots of money, and the choice of good players. The same Association brought in a financial tap, which restricted these teams being able to continue with this process. It met with great resistance from the ""Manchester's, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea." But it has proven over the years to have been to the benefit of all teams in the league. In fact, this year, the two teams who are playing for the "Stanley Cup) are both teams that were in the bottom half of the league. How disappointing it is that you can name who will be in the top four of your league before a single ball has been kicked. I know some of you will be thinking mind your own business, but I am trying to point out that equalization for everybody by putting her a Money Cap Is a benefit to every club.

    • not sure how that plays out in terms of team strength, etc. but surely that means the remaining incentives for players to choose one team over another are the fan base, the prestige of the club, the club's assets (quality of stadium, training ground, etc), the coaching staff and the location of the club. So I guess that means more competition and distribution of talent, but also perhaps less scope for creating a 'dream team'. And by that I mean perhaps there wouldn't be such a story to tell your kids about how xyz dominated the league for 5 years and had all the best players such as abc, def and ghi, or how little old qrs beat xyz in a final despite all of xyz's dominance – which could kill some of the david vs goliath fantasy of the game as well as the whole leaving a legacy of a 'golden era' or whatever.

      I haven't done any research into how a cash cap system plays out, what the exact mechanics of it are and how it's restructured the leagues so I may be chatting crap, but I'd love to hear more!

      Also because (presumably) the NHL is dominant internationally over other leagues and the best players probably want to play there, having a cap on money might work. But with spanish, german and french leagues, a premier league cap might damage its international standing as the balancing might make the top teams weaker overall [Or is there a cap in other leagues??]


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