London Stadium, but not a football ground

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Over the years I’ve been going to West Ham’s grounds’ more than I wish to count. Their old ground had atmosphere and charm, while this one was a disaster waiting to happen (and a fool to come along and purchase it and then turn it into something it wasn’t meant to be turned into). But nobody said the Hammers directors were that bright. To be fair, their thoughts were on profits, not fans or feelings. But that isn’t our problem, the game is.

In my last couple of articles, I have been blowing hot and cold over our performances. Sometimes I see hope, others despair. But we are only 2 points behind the leaders City, and even if we drop to 5th (that is if Arsenal win), we will still be in a comfortable position.  But then up will pop City and Wolves in quick succession. Not forgetting we’ve got Eindhoven coming up and Olympic city pretenders West Ham in the cup after playing City. Can we get through all that unscathed? My heart says yes, my brain weeps with sweat.

We lost to Watford, where we should have won. Liverpool came and tore us apart. But let us forget that as we’ve beaten Brighton, Watford (in the Cup), Huddersfield, and Cardiff since (don’t mention the European teams, I didn’t and I think I got away with it!!)

Now West Ham. We Spurs fans love a good derby, more so when we come away winners. This game we roared, they kept coming back and gazing down the lion’s mouth and then up popped Lamela and scored, making it 1-0 to us. Good saves from Lloris, and finally, the final whistle came, and the roar went up again. We had done it. Pochettino hailed his keeper, Kane and Lamela went off to rest for Wednesday, and we went home. As simple as that… well, not quite. Now we’ve beaten West Ham, which they could have easily nicked. But we won, and scrappy games like this we must show what we can pull out of the bag.

On top of all that, we’ve got injuries to contend with. If we should beat City then we’ll draw level with them, yes, we are living in the land of “ifs”. But so was Leicester City, but they came, saw and conquered a few seasons back (against all the odds) and if they can, and we stay focused, then anything is possible. Of course, we also wish that City, Liverpool and Chelsea (oh, shall we throw Arsenal and United into the mix as well?) have a bad hair day. Optimism is the word when supporting Spurs and a big dollop of your favourite tipple to warm the hairs on your chest (not being sexist I shall include ladies in that one!).

Now we must move on to Eindhoven, Holland and make up for two past UEFA Champions league defeats. All that and then back to the circus of City-West Ham-Wolves in quick succession, lousy scheduling at work here methinks.

So, be optimistic, shout to the rafters and dream that impossible dream and you never know… we might come out of it all covered in shi… silverware.

As for West Ham, well they are lucky that Southampton, Cardiff, Fulham, Huddersfield and Newcastle are performing worse than them (only a few points in it!!!).  What a life being a West Ham fan though, shit stadium, shit team and the prospects of death from a thousand laughs!

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