Lord Sugar blasts Liverpool star in Twitter rant

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Lord Alan Sugar took to Twitter to show his disgust at what he believed to be a ‘dive’ from Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah last night.

Liverpool took all three points from Selhurst Park last night as they ran out 2-0 victors.

But their first goal came through controversial fashion as James Milner slotted home a penalty which came from a rather soft penalty decision.

Salah hit the floor after what seemed the slightest of touches from Mamadou Sakho and Lord Sugar wasted no time in venting his frustration:

‘Mr Salah you should enter the Olympics dive contest.

You cheat!’

Lord Sugar has never shied away from airing his opinions on football on Twitter as many will know him and Piers Morgan are no strangers to a heated debate over Twitter.

Spurs fans, do you think it was a penalty on Salah or was it a ‘dive’?

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  1. Whether it was a penalty or not, like our great manager I am happy to let the referee decide – he does of necessity anyway …. as for Sugar, what a twerp the man is!

  2. My mate at work is a Liverpool fan and even he thinks it was a dive. The last stage of him going down was so OTT!! If I trip on the curb or whatever, I put my arms out to stop myself hitting my face, it’s not a conscious thing, it’s a built in reaction. Salah went down back arched with his arms high….that’s conscious!! The World Cup showed us VAR works perfectly well now so use it. We had it in cup games last season so why not in Prem?

  3. You lot do realise you’ve got Harry “loads of form” Kane on your books don’t you?
    Oh and Sugar, get over yourself old man.

    • Kane. …..never booked for diving. Salah……booked twice last season for diving and won a penalty last night by cheating. Sad scousers yet again.

  4. Sakho purposely obstructed Salah from taking a shot by hooking his leg. Why would a striker let a defender get away with that? Definite pen in my view.

  5. Lord Sugar. The diabetics nightmare. Actually running another sh!t business selling sugar to kids like the nation doesn’t consume enough of it already. Now pretending he knows something about football and publicly accusing someone not just of cheating but of being a cheat. Yet the video evidence is clear – Salah was not cheating and nor is he a cheat. Sugar should remember he’s throwing stones in a glass house with this one.

  6. He’s only moaning because of all the stick Tottenham players got for cheating last year, particularly in the game v Liverpool at Anfield. Kane dived to win a penalty, Lamela did the same in injury time to get the draw. Dirty Diving Deli was getting booked ever other week for diving too so if you add that to the ones him, Kane & company got away with then you’ve got a pretty long list of cheating. Honest Harry’s phantom headed goal claim in order to catch Salah didn’t help either so I think Sugar’s outburst stinks of premeditation.

    • Joe, That’s your interpretation of events at Anfield. The truth is, Karius dived across Kane, and VVD kicked Lamela in the back, both penalties. Salah, and Mane dived on a few times last season, and not a peep from you scousers. Last night, Salah dived, and even covered his mouth when apologising to the Palace players. Take your blinkers off, and accept Liverpool players have a higher history of diving than practically every other team. Just to help you, have a look on You Tube, and watch “Steven Gerrard, the diving hypocrite”. The number of ex Liverpool pro’s who called Spurs cheats, and here you are criticising an ex Spur, doing the same.

  7. “Last night, Salah dived, and even covered his mouth when apologising to the Palace players.”
    Are you psychic? Or do you just make shit up?

    • Well, what’s your explanation of Salah covering up so know one could see what he was saying? I was going on the after match reports, after interviews with players, where it was mentioned. True or not? I don’t make all things up, do I? Did you see the “GERRARD” vid, you forgot to mention it?

  8. “There are so many crying scouse on here it should be re-named The Scum Web”
    I have no issue with you renaming your own fan website but I think you’ll find it’s Alan “I peddle diabetics to kids” Sugar who’s crying. Why I have no idea. Maybe he’s just a [email protected]


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