Lord Sugar reveals his Tottenham Hotspur regret

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Most Spurs fans do not look back on the Lord Alan Sugar era with much fondness as the club were mired in midtable mediocrity for most of that time and even flirted with relegation on occasions.

It is fair to say Lord Sugar wasn’t too popular with Spurs fans back then and he has admitted now that buying Tottenham Hotspur was the worst mistake he has ever made.

The entrepreneur, who has supported Spurs since he was a kid, bought a majority stake in the club in 1991 and remained the club’s chairman for almost a decade before selling some of his shares to ENIC in 2001. He then sold his remaining shares to the investment firm in 2007.

During his time at the helm, Spurs failed to finish in the top six even and only won one major trophy.

Despite admitting to making a profit off the club, Sugar has admitted that he is mentally at a much better place now having sold the club he loves.

The Daily Star quotes The Apprentice host as saying: “Tottenham Hotspur – the club cost me £8m and I sold for £25m in 2007, so it wasn’t a bad investment financially.

“Some might even argue I should have held onto it, because Spurs are worth £1bn now, but my decade as chairman wasn’t a great period for me and my family. It made me a bit of a miserable sod.

“Only now I’ve been out of it for so many years have I become the charming individual you see on TV.

“I often think that instead of spending 10 years worrying about Carlos Kickaball on the pitch and getting criticised by the fans, I could have done something more lucrative. I was still a young man then.”

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It is fair to say that Spurs fans were also quite miserable during the 1990s owing to the team’s poor football and mismanagement at the board level. Casting our minds back to the 1990s certainly brings some perspective on how far Daniel Levy and ENIC have taken Tottenham Hotspur. Levy certainly deserves more credit than he gets from Spurs fans and the media.

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  1. He was a terrible chairman and really solidified decline after the problems of the West Stand and then Scholar’s and Venables’ exploits.
    When Tel was booted out Sugar thought he could do the football side of things and it meant always being a step behind.
    Instead of replacing Klinsmann with Bergkamp he lets him go to Arsenal.
    Instead of signing Ferdinand for £6m when he left QPR he signed Armstrong for £4.5m. But then when Sir Les is starting to lose his shine he pays the £6m for him to replace Sheringham who has been allowed to go to Utd for £2m.
    These were awful days and the mis-management was so frustrating at a time that the Premier Leagie was cool and the other clubs were exciting and convincing.
    For ENIC’s first 5 years it looked like more of the same but they learned and evolved and have taken us forwards rather than the standing still we experienced in the 90’s.

    Going back to Sugar it was such a shame that the Venables partnership didn’t work out as Venables had started taking a more hands on role with the team and everything was starting to click. We were playing fantastic stuff in early 1993.
    So Venables being dodgy was a large piece of why things went wrong. If Sugar had been kept to the business side then it could have been oh so different and he may have been a brilliant success at Spurs had he known his limits regarding football.


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