10 Games, I’d have given Suarez 10 Months


It seems that going round ‘biting’ people only stops you playing for 10 matches. In any other walk of life, biting someone would be ‘common assault’. Not only that, if someone was employed by a company and they were convicted of biting someone, they would lose their job immediately. Then Liverpool have the audacity to say they are shocked and disappointed in the ban. I was shocked it was so lenient.

We also have the morons at the PFA – especially Gordon Taylor, who are willing to ‘pay’ for Suarez to have anger management counselling. It all goes to prove that footballers simply do not live in the real world, and the people that are involved in the football world want ‘their’ people to be separate from the rest of us.

If it were down to me, it wouldn’t be 10 games, it would be a minimum of 10 months. In fact, i would throw him out of football for good. He has ‘previous’, again something that would count against the guy in the street.

I have mentioned before the FA are idiots and once again this proves all those who think the same, that they are.

Scum like Suarez should never grace a football field.

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  1. I am a spurs fan too, and i do hate Suarez a lot, but why does he get 10 games and Defoe got nothing back in 2006? ? It does seem a little 'one rule for one and a separate rule for another'

    • Things such as "first offence", and "out of character" apply to Defoe, but not to Suarez. Also "repeat offender" applies to Suarez as this is not the first time he has bitten an opponent, and repeating an offence should ramp up the punishment. In those terms, it is the same rule….approximately…

    • Knew some prick would bring up Defoe. Defoe got booked by the ref because the ref saw it. Lets also get it into perspective Hammy, Defoe's was more a french kiss on the arm, Suarez was taking a chunk out of someones arm. Totally different.

  2. Had it been Suarez was a British would FA have given him such lenghty ban? Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing Evra and was given 8match ban, Terry was also found guilty of such crime and was given 4match band…isn’t that racism itself?

  3. What is wrong with society these day’s, that anyone from any walk of life, think it’s acceptable to act in this aggressive way & people defend it.

    It shouldn’t be about football, but about common decency & respect for others.

    Shame on anyone condoning this, or any other act of violence.

  4. If this was Bale, would you say ban him for 10 months? No.

    I'm a Spurs fan, but I don't have a clue why you're even wasting your time writing about this story it's pointless.

    • What an absolute Fucking Idiot (Spurs) you are. reading through Cheekys lines, i think he was saying – as really is everyone else – that had it been Bale or absolutely anyone) they should all have had the same ban. Suarez has previous so did'nt help him. Micky asked what is wrong with our society, simple answer Micky, it's wankers like (Spurs) who says it's pointless writing about it. It's tossers like him that answer your question about what is wrong with our society. One thing i will say to (Spurs) is if Cheeky wasted his time in writing the story, why did you waste your time replying. As i said at the start, you are a fucking idiot.

    • if Bale behaved the way Suarez does i wouldnt want him at Spurs, regardless of talent. no-one seems to mentioning that he randomly punched an opponent in the face a few weeks back and spat at someone earlier this year.
      this is his normal behaviour and as a player i wouldnt want to be on the pitch with someone like this. as liverpools star player i can guarantee kids are copying his behaviour and liverpool should be embarrassed for putting him in that position, he shouldnt be allowed to wear their shirt.

  5. Wow, what a piece, and could'nt agree more with your article. You are absolutely right that had it been any one of us, the consequence was have been far worse, job loss, loss of revenue and so on and so on. And who would pay for our anger management, on the NHS probably 5 year wait (if lucky), privately cost a fortune that most of us could'nt afford. So for someone on Thousnads and Thousands of pounds a week, the PFA offer to pay for it anyway. As you said, they dont live in the real world. It was an act of violence, yet the 'scousers' seem condone it, but then thats scousers for you.

  6. I think Luis Suarez got off lightly. A repeat offender, had it been someone 'normal' if they had been convicted once of biting someone, and then was convicted a second time of the same offence they would probably get a cusdodial sentance. Suarez is only stopped from playing 10 games of football. I think 'All' of us would accept that as punishment if we were convicted twice of biting someone.

  7. It was on the news earlier that teachers have been contacting parents at schools all over the country after kids have been going into school and biting classmates etc. This is not a joke, this is serious, and was on the news earlier. This is what happens when people like Suarez get away with things, and lets face it, even with a 10 game ban, he has got away with it.

  8. What do you think would have happened if Suarez had bitten Dave Mackay, Ron Harris, Tommy Smith, Norman Hunter or even Graham Roberts. The answer, all of those would have had longer bans for retaliation that what Suarez has got. Saying that, Suarez would have had a lenghty time in hospital.

  9. This is quite an imotive issue. The best thing all round would be for Louis Suarez to leave British football. Even Brendon Rodgers should be ashamed of himself for backing such scum. Scum breeds scum, so the sooner we get it out of our society the better. Suarez, fuck off back to where you came from.

  10. I agree with Cheeky and most of the others on here that Suarez should have got longer and also that had it been a Spurs player they should have got just as much – although Suarez should have got even more due to his previous. British football does'nt want, nor need, the Suarez's of this world. Let the other countries have them. It's a shame Matt spoiled his comment by mentioning Dave, who was right that teachers have been complaining that kids have been going to school and biting people. Perhaps Matt, you should listen to the news more, you might learn something. I agree Suarez looks weird, i have to say that he does look like someone who what we called 'Backward' years ago, and perhaps he is with his attitude and the way he conducts himself.


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