VIDEO: Real’s Modric move hits snag


Luka Modric’s possible move to Real Madrid may have hit a snag…

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  1. The Croatians within the country of Yugoslavia in the war were traitors, they colloborated with the Nazi. Milhaivoch who was their leader . He was shot after the war. The rest of yugoslavia held down seven crack german divisions but as said many Croatians supported the Nazis, betraying their country.Nuff said?

    • harsh, but i do agree with the traitor bit. I cant believe players that say they want to play in the champions league then jump ship. He was part of the team that just wasn’t good enough towards the end of last season. A true professional should rally the team together and do something as a team. to many mercenaries these days its ruining the game!!!

      Lets get rid of little rat face and get someone in who has his heart in the right place!!



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