Why Luka Modric did not play for Spurs against Brighton


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp has revealed that Luka Modric missed Tottenham’s 3-2 win against Brighton due to illness.

Modric’s absence had Spurs fans questioning why he was not involved but Redknapp claims that the Croatian is unwell.

Redknapp said: “Luka wasn’t feeling well. He came in yesterday and wasn’t great, he came in this morning to see the doctor and he had ulcers on the back of his throat.

“He was pretty rough. The doctor rung and said no way he can play.

“Again, I can’t fault his attitude, he’s been first class. Obviously it’s been a difficult period for everybody with him. He’s trained well and worked hard. He’s a great lad and you couldn’t meet a better pro in my opinion.”

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  1. “couldn’t meet a better pro…”? not sure if i agree with that considering his (reported) public criticism of the chairman and trying to force a move to one of our rivals.

  2. I don’t know why u r insisting on holding on to an unhappy player let him follow his heart before he messes up d season for the club.

  3. His participation can't have any influence on whether Spurs can win a game or not.
    He lacks effectiveness (the ratio of his correct long ball passes and the number of his assists) and creativity plus the ability to score most times when he shoots from a favorable position.
    Spurs need a creative and able to score AM with a leader's personality if possible.
    A player like Lampard, Fabregas, Gerrard, Totti, Sneider, Vidal, Sánchez, Kaka, Pastore, Badelj, Granero, Pjanic and others.

    • I couldnt agree more, he offers nothing going forward..his stats prove it, hardly any assists or goals, its just not good enough for an attacking midfielder! let the chelskum replace lampard with modric and they will lose 25 goals a season… Take the cash and splash out where we need it, an all round strker. Check out our results the season we qualifield for champions league, the games he was out for 3 months with a broken leg!!! Poor mans Ardiles in my opinion!

  4. Unhappiness is a temporary state of mind when you're still in your twenties. I'm sure he's had a long fence-mending chat with Chairman levy and any contract deficiencies straightened out.
    He'll help us into the top four this season, not Chelsea, who look pretty woeful .

  5. Why leave a team that has a buzz about it and is moving forward for a gamble on an old team with an unproven/risk of a manager and an owner who has chased away previous top quality winning managers


    Thats why he has a sore throat !!

    I bet hes going to pull this shit all season !!

    Sell him on to the Manure and get Palacios to waste him in the first game

  7. LoanX, You have managed to put into a very long sentence what I have been harping on about for ages.. Squeeze every last drop out of Chelski and get rid of ratboy as the damage has already been done!

  8. You have to laugh at Harry Crouch looks like he could have a good season he is married child arrived and settled and out of the papers for upsetting his new Wife. He seems content and his great strike against the Os shows he his knuckling down now if Harry plays Defoe alongside him they could get the 28 goals they got between them if Van stops Harry from playing 451 Brighton 1 Spurs 0 451, 442 Spurs3 Brighton 2says it all Harry it wont work especially without the missing missile Hudds lets hope he is not got a long term injury or we are un trouble again. Modric cant be sold because he is the leading Domino and will start the Spurs lack ambition brigade and the other Vultures circling Utd and City cheats to name a few. We have a big bench for ulcers ankles and sickness so don't worry Spurs we stand Utd we sell has got to stop.

  9. modric is irreplaceble he is one of the best midfielders in the game and that is why chelsea wants him. he cuts those lose balls a great passer and allways finds the ball when others lose it, if spurs wants to challenge for the league we want to keep him and get a decent striker.

  10. listen everyone, luka ain't going nowhere and most certainly not those classles muppets down the kings road they can go and do one for all that i care he is not for sale final.

  11. You don't know what you're saying by putting Modric down! Sure he signed a long term contract and Spurs hold all the aces to keep him the Lane but he's always had a top class attitude for us.I'm bloody frustrated that we are not pushing on from where we have been for the last 4 seasons by being more forceful in the transfer market so how should the players feel? No doubt we can't afford the really top players but last year we were in the Champions League and still we failed to get anyone of note accept VDV and Sandro to sign and that was touch and go…We've gotta step up or we'll be putting our top players down every time that they choose to go to clubs who are more likely to win the cups.


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