Madrid convinced they can land Kane, Poch also on Perez radar


So despite his insistence that  he wants to be a one club man, The Sun think otherwise an according to them Real Madrid are convinced they will land Harry Kane in a stunning transfer this summer.

The delight that is Neil Ashton writes that our Harry, who starred in our 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu on Tuesday, is their No 1 target.

The article continues saying Spurs face a season-long battle to keep hold of our asset — a fight we of course lost when Gareth Bale headed to Spain for a then world-record of £86million back in 2013.

Ashton says that only a fee close to the £198m Paris Saint-Germain paid Barcelona for Neymar in the summer could tempt the Spurs hierarchy to sell.

Ashton then contradicts himself almost immediately by saying Spurs have no intention of letting the 24-year-old leave and the England striker insists he is happy at the club.

However according to the article the appeal of playing for Real is impossible to turn down, especially for any players with ambitions of winning the big trophies and that Harry admitted during the recent international break he could “never say never” about a move abroad at some point in his career.

Ashton,while pointing to the clubs lack of silverware, says we have not even thought about putting a valuation on him as the club have not considered cashing in on one of our own.

And not satisfied with selling Kane to Madrid Ashton writes that Real see Mauricio Pochettino as a possible successor to Zinedine Zidane (stop giggling now)

According to Ashton, Poch impressed the Bernabeu hierarchy with his conduct in Spain last week but he does say Florentino Perez has made it clear he has absolutely no plans to get rid of current coach ‘Zizou’

However Ashton says Perez has told ‘pals’ (yes he did say ‘pals) that if the Frenchman did leave, then Pochettino would be in the frame to take over.

So there you have it, a good giggle for you over breakfast. Both Kane and Pochettino have said they want to be at Spurs for a very long time but it won’t stop fiction like this emerging.

Perhaps Ashton needs something to discuss on Sunday Supplement. It’s hard to know whether players and managers read rubbish like this and how much of an effect it has. I believe both will be around for a long time but the words ‘never say never’ are often used so who really knows. Let us have your thoughts on the latest Kane and Madrid link.

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  1. It’s relentless!! The only articles with actual quotes are the ones where Harry and Poch have stated their desire to remain at the club long term. Everything else is pure fantasy and click bait. If we did the double this season it would still persist, only with a different spin. It’s at the point where I’d be surprised if there wasn’t an article about Kane leaving. The Utd rumour has been done to death so it’s moved on to Madrid. Once we’re done there it’ll be someone else…..maybe Bayern?

  2. It is as though we transported back nine time to just before Ferguson won his first trophy with United – y'know the time most United fans pretend didn't happen, when the minority of them and the mean we're rabidly calling for him to be sacked. There would be constant calls for all their best talent to go to the 'real big clubs' like ArseAnal and Liverpool, Sours, Forest who had won a cupboard full of trophies, including two European Cups in the time that United had won what? One FA Cup. United hadn't won anything in decades – how dare they want to keep great young players out of the clutches of clubs where they can win things because those clubs have won things more recently than the club they are at. How dare the club aspire to push up a level to a status they once held!

    This ridiculous "they haven't won much recently so they won't" argument blinds them to so many realities. It blinds them to the fact that Spurs are just plain plum in a better position than five years ago. The state-of-the-art training facilities are now online. The new stadium, that will be the second biggest but best and most modern in the division, that will revolutionise Tottenham's revenues, is close to completion. The youth set-up, the groundwork for which was being done in 2005, is now properly productive. The great young team is here and now, the great young manager is here and now – they aren't distant dreams or aspirations.

    As for Real Madrid, don't even get me started! They established themselves as the so called "biggest club in the world" on secret funding from the Spanish government. Them and Barcelona have dominated the Spanish league due to TV deals that were disproportionate to keep them there. Spain isn't even that big of wealthy a country. If they had developed just on honestly generated revenues where would they be. But even when everyone knows this, the whole footballing world is still expected kow-tow to them and give them any player they demand.

    And therein lies the real issue here. If Tottenham had been gifted obscene amounts of unearned oil money by dodgy characters from other countries, or had established a false preponderance via secret government! funding and Preferable TV deals, these journalists would have no problems awarding them a "rightful" seat at the top table. But little old Spurs, well they've just built themselves up via revenues generated by the club – so how dare they aspire to anything!


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