Man City snubbed Tottenham’s offer

Image: SpursWeb

Manchester City rejected Tottenham Hotspur’s offer of switching Monday night’s Premier League fixture to the Etihad Stadium, according to ESPN sources.

Due to the delay of the opening of Tottenham’s new 62,062 seater stadium, the match is being held at Wembley which in turn will host an American Football match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars a little over 24 hours before.

The fixture was originally scheduled to be held on Sunday after being selected for live television coverage by Sky Sports, only for it to be moved to Monday night as a result of Wembley’s prior booking.

The NFL also staged a match at the national stadium last Sunday which has led to City and notably Kevin De Bruyne voicing his concerns about the potential state of the playing surface.

The pitch will still feature the distinctive NFL logos and markings, but it is not expected that it will cause an inconvenience to the players.

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  1. City “rejected” the offer because it would have been to our detriment, and your benefit, at the end of the season.

    Why should we help a basically incompetent club? If you’d got your shit together and produced the stadium when you said you would, then everything would have been tickety-boo.

    But you couldn’t, so….fuck off.

      • City were not given their stadium an unlike West Ham they were not given massive amounts of money to occupy the stadium. They have invested massively in the stadium and local area though.

        Typically thick uniformed plastic fan.

  2. Get your facts right, Mo, we aren’t West Ham. We weren’t “given” the stadium. It was built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and was only built because we agreed to take the stadium on afterwards. We pay £4m a year rent and all the running costs and, yes, I agree its a good deal. Suck it up. However, you still had a stadium and you chose to take the route you have. In essence, you can’t deliver what you promised. Talk about wannabe’s.

    Crash and burn, boys, crash and burn.

  3. Oh, forgot to mention, we also paid £30m to convert the stadium from athletics to football. Might not seem much now but in 2002? A fair amount.

    Still, at least we delivered on time.

  4. The council also got Maine Road. Let’s be honest here, Spurs are still doing nothing to reimburse supporters of other clubs who have lost thousands in travel and hotel costs. The PL are implicit in allowing them to get away with it and also not insisting they spend the rest of the season at Wembley.


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