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Ten points clear of fifth with 17 games to go. Three losses all season and only one defeat in 19 games. We are most definitely on course for our main target, a place in next season’s Moneybags League. As everyone knows by now though, we’re just about to enter a run of games that would have an Italian sea captain rowing ashore and hailing a cab were he in charge of guiding us through them. Should we still be anywhere near our current lofty status in the second week of March then we will have done remarkably well in the intervening period. The first of these fixtures is arguably the most difficult; interrupting our Sunday lunch this weekend are Man City.

Our trips to the City of Manchester stadium have rarely not been successful ones. Freddie Kanoute, Darren Bent, Tom Huddlestone, Calum Davenport and most famously Peter Crouch have all been on target as we’ve clocked up five wins in our last seven league visits. Most of these were pre Middle East intervention of course. “Manchester Thanks You, Sheikh Mansour” reads the sycophantic sign up and to the right of the away supporters inside the ground “it was nothing” he might reply, except that it’s actually been over 500 million quid and counting.

Citeh have won all their home league games thus far which gives a measure of our task. Tevez, the Toures and Kompany will be missing, a huge blow to a normal club, not this one though. Their resources are such that our one properly irreplaceable player is one that they could not find room for. The daft Premier League rules mean that Adebayor will be sitting this one out. It’ll be a surprise if Defoe doesn’t come in to replace him, it’ll also be a surprise if he provides a similar physical presence, the little man will do well to provide the link up play and ‘out balls’ that VdV and the midfield are used to. He might get offside just as often though – and perhaps crucially he’s more likely to take his chances.

Elsewhere there seem to be whispers that Ledley might be about to do one of his legendary Lazarus impressions. Much as you gotta love Dawson’s manful performances, his touch and distribution contribute to the fact that he is currently fourth choice centre half if everyone’s fit and comparing him and King, well it’s all a bit Economy and First Class.

As far as I’m aware there are no fresh injury worries thus it’ll be a surprise if Defoe and King aren’t the only changes to last Saturday’s side. Lennon and Parker should be closer to match fitness than they were last weekend which can only be a good thing.

Howard Webb will be on hand to add a bit of unpredictable mayhem to the 90 minutes.

Last season we were the better team in this fixture for the majority of the game but couldn’t force the ball home when we needed to. City have moved up a level since then but so have we. If we’re to get anything then scoring first may be vital. Even without Adebayor the firepower is there to do so. City play with little width meaning that whilst our full backs may be able to find space, our midfield is likely to be outnumbered. We’re going to need top notch performances from Modric and Parker at least if we’re going to gain and keep enough possession to cause any damage. It’ll be tough but we have the ability to come out on top. It could be fun. COYS.


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  1. Sycophantic – A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.

    Do we really need to win the Sheik's favour? Can he really do much more for us?

  2. Bitter much? At least the owners of City are funding the club and bringing positive to English club. Count your lucky stars they Adebyour is on loan and wages are funded by the club or you wouldn’t be as great this Season. Rednapp is another one biting the hand that feeds you. Btw Adebyour is back to his old self he gas scored 8 goals to Defoe’s 11and doesn’t play …6 months he was great but his inconsistency makes one question why would City loan him out and buying 2 new strikers??

  3. He's still good Joe. His workrate and team ethics are a previously unseen trait. he loves playing for the spurs at the moment and its clear to see…. at the moment anyway.
    Regarding the team selection i'd be surprised it HR does not change it up a bit and if fit bring sandro in to a 4231 formation. Watch out for Bale as our man up top!

  4. Well here we go where in the Newcastle part of our season they looked great till the top teams arrived and lost six games. We are a better overhaul team but still vulneable to bad decisions and the new found high work rate chasing of the ball Barcelona esc. This increased work rate executed so admirably by Swansea and to a less degree by City at Wigan. This work rate he is designed too press to press the ball all over the pitch even at the keeper and also when the opponents have the ball getting has many players behind the ball too stifle attacks. This form of playing has bean around for a long time but tiredness would mean teams would eventually get beat. This tiredness has now stopped happening and some teams can now change there players and it makes no different s to there defending just like Barcelona last season when they had no recognised Centre Half and every one was talking about there defending and the way they chased the ball like a swarm of killer bees and dominate the ball. The reason i mention this was because City played like this against Wigan and struggled to get out of there half in the second half Wigan joined in and hit back with a higher tempo but City always got plenty of players behind the ball and won 1-0 just like Chelsea did. We have to play a less attacking game and defend in numbers and hit teams on the break because if we don't we will struggle like we did in the Stoke Game in the first half and Wolves and Sunderland and West Brom reserves all came with blanket defending and attacking on the break. All you see is teams drinking energy drinks before during and after games bad two footed tackles players swearing and snarling fighting in the tunnel and football hitting the front pages through player bad behaviour. I believe this is caused by this extra energy and was evident during Real Madrid game last night with some shocking tackles stamping on hands and elbowing Fifa Ufa and other governing body's need to stop these drinks being thrown on the pitch at every injury. The problem is its not only drinks being used and Paddy Kenny Kolo Toure two Dynamo Moscow Hamilton playe rone Italian. Now five under 20 Mexicans have all shown Football has a big problem stopping this extra energy and i no 100 percent they have lost the battle. Now even the great Barcelona are under suspicion not for there skill in attack but also there manic mesmeric defending and if its not stopped deaths illness and cheating will ruin football like it has Cycling and Athletics where every win and record is looked at with suspicion just like i have to look at the way teams defend not attack for signs of energy abuse. So far we have only dominated two games Liverpool 9 men and Aston Villa the rest have bean a struggle sending offs have helped Bale and Lennon's speed long shots from Walker and Ekotto , so its not new players we need its extra energy and good refereeing and assistants and last of all but just has important lady Luck.

  5. Another entertaining and chilling close to the bone report MF, always garners grammatically poor and bitter responses from our opposition. Five 100 million pounds, 5.65 billion of our currency which would buy 353000 middle class houses here. What price ignominy? Bound to go down after WW II as one of the greatest wastes of money. COYS

  6. Funny how you can get a taxi at a deserted set of rocks on a previously unheard of Italian island, and Maicon can't seem to hail one at the San Siro.
    Looking forward to a game without Mr Offside (guilty until proven innocent – and probably after also).
    Hope we don't insert Sandro and reshuffle our pack. We have looked impotent with Parker and Sandro together. If we exile Modric to the right wing, we may as well just sell him to Chelski. I can see Real Madrid come sniffing if they don't win La Liga this season.
    Great to have some good games coming up instead of playing the usual team bus and match officials.


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