Man United to offer £16m for Wilson Palacios?


The News of the World are reporting that Manchester United are interested in signing Wilson Palacios.

According to the report, Sir Alex Ferguson has identified the Tottenham midfielder as a potential replacement for Owen Hargreaves.

Palacios made a fantastic start to life at White Hart Lane, but more recently has suffered from some poor displays which has found himself no longer as a guaranteed first-team starter under Harry Redknapp.

The Honduran has four years left on his current contract and Spurs want £16million for the player.  Apparently, Palacios’ contract allows him to speak to clubs if they offer more than a fixed sum – believed to be in the region of £15m.


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  1. If they offer £16 million then i think we should snap their hands of. Wilson has got gradualy worse and worse over the past year and we have got Sandro now plus with the money we could get someone like Diarra.

  2. in a heartbeat… unfortunately he has been a shell of a player since his younger brother was murdered. It is understandable, but he hasnt put in one good performance since. If you ranked him on every game in comparison to the 0-0 draw with arsenal 1 1/2 years ago, then he has been abysmal. He was fantastic that game… I now see no comparison between the two players. He cant break up play anymore, I would be fine to see him be sold (especially for a profit). Jermaine Jenas has finally shown us something in the last 2 games that merits a spot ahead of palacios. If sandro can be average at best, then that would be better than Palacios. There is no denying how poor Palacios has been. He was better than Zokora when he came, now I believe that can't be states as truth.

  3. Hahaha, if this is true i’ll run round town naked. The day we sell our rejects to united will be a very happy day indeed!! I see a headline ‘Untited interested in spurs star’ I was like ‘NO!!!’ is it Bale, lennon, modric, VDV even……… no its palacious, sweet take him, i’ll drive. Hated him ever since he came out with that shit about using us as a stepping stone then followed it up with a years worth of bad form. He is technically the worst player I have seen at spurs for years!

  4. Sgt Wilson was a revelation for us when he joined. He provided much needed steel to a weak midfield, he won tackles, broke up attacks and enabled us to recycle the ball offensively. Over the past 2-3 seasons we as a team have grown in stature, our youthful players have matured and we have outgrown him. It is true that the loss of his brother seems to have affected him and his current form is poor, but let us not forget that without his determined tackling we would not have got to where we are now. I feel that his lack of form is also likely to be related to his low confidence because he is not starting regularly, his passing in particular is a weak point of his game. However at £16m, I think Levy will do business. I'm just surprised that after his last two purchases from spurs i.e Carrick and Berbasulk not realising their true potential that Sir Baconface is interested in making yet another purchase from North London. Thanks Wilson for you efforts, if you wish to head up the M6 then that is fine by me, we will gladly accept £16M and re-invest wisely I am sure.

  5. Wilson Palacios is a great player, he just needs to regain him form, you people have short memories, I suppose you also wanted to sell Bale when he wasnt top of his game, just support your team eh. I mean how can you “hate” Wilson, the guys awesome but is just going through a bad patch.

  6. Agree with bog.

    Admitedly he has been in terrible form. However, we owe him a lot for what he gave to us when he came. We all said he was the midfielder we have been crying out for for yeasr! How fickle some of us are.

    The worrying thing for me is that he seems to have lost that explosiveness that used to see him win every 50-50, even most 10-90s! If he can get that back he will be a great player again. However if he does go we will be ok

  7. Never thought I would see the day when I rated Jenas ahead of the Sarge, which is currently the case.

    Othen than that, I have to agree with the last three posts, and I hope that he regains the form that he showed in his first 18 months with us. I feel we owe him big time for being the key to dragging us from medioctity to where we are now.

  8. I would let him go for that price, i like him as a player but he has gone off the boil and we have so many midfielders at the moment that he would not be too badly missed. And Sandro is a similar type of player but with more flair anyway. Granted he is a lad and not too experienced but he will gain experience as he goes along.

    • Fitzy have uyou even seen Sandro play??? too many thickle fans forget where we were and how we got to where we are now< Palcios was and still is a vital ingredient, due to his presence teams dont think they can come and bully us any more. Searg led by example and put his body on the line when no one else would now some of the others are doing the same>>>>give respect and time where its due and i think it is due to Palcios.

  9. In this case, we've got to be thinking like Man Shiite. Don't sell to the club that we're going to challenge against for the champs league spot. It's a No No No No………………..

  10. I agree with bog too. I still don’t remember any spurs player who can tackle as good as him, at least not in my life time! Players go through bad spells (eg torres, rooney, bale, pav) Patience is not in the vocab of some supporters anymore. If Fergie wants him then he can’t be that bad. This would be a big mistake, plus we don’t need the money!

  11. Come on people. Let’s not be too hasty to kick the guy out the door. I personally don’t think there is any truth in the story anyway. It is fair to say he is lacking in form and confidence so let him have a bit of time out of the firing line and use him to come off the bench in games when we need to shore things up. When he came on against Bremen he did okay and even set up crouch with a great opportunity to win it. I think Harry recognises this and will manage him carefully to get him back to his old self.

  12. Why dont you all wait to see how he performs against Arsenal and on top of that how Sandro does, none of you have seen him play and already have him as a replacement, they will play in the middle together against Arsenal and then you can judge.

    Palacios started to perform poorly right at the end of the season I remember when he got banned for 2 matches (chelsea n arsenal) all us spurs fans were devestated and thought that was it, so your memory doesnt stretch back too far does it, hes been off form for like 10 games not a year.

    Problem is tottenham now attack alot more than what we used to when he first arrived, we were poor and relied on the counter attack and that suited Wilsons game, now we are constantly building attacks from the back and that suits Huddlestone more, but if we were playing Barcelona tomorrow you would see how effective Palacios would then be

  13. Geeze, for crying out loud Sarge has been the backbone we needed since we signed him. Yes his form has been lost for the moment but his youngest brother was not just murdered he'd been held by the captors for close to 2 years before being killed. OFCOURSE it'll hurt his form, just give him some time and let him recoup, support your club and players people, stop the "hating". And Jay is correct, it's closer to 10 games not a year.

  14. This story is the biggest piece of baloney I have ever heard. For 16m Utd have the swagger to sign a similar player with more pedigree from anywhere in Europe. Plus, with Berba and Carrick he would feel that he has lined our pockets enough by now.


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