Some thoughts on the United draw and AVB


We stuck to our guns and took it to them United. As time went on and we watched chances go begging for Dempsey and Defoe we could so easily have been caught on the break, let’s face it, its happened many times before. But this Tottenham currently have a little bit more about them with a manager who I believe isn’t willing to roll over.

Frustrated though we have been against the likes of Stoke & QPR, United had just a little desire to attack it gave us the little bit of freedom that we needed to keep driving forward with purpose, thus creating enough decent chances to grab the goal.

AVB deserves credit for Sunday’s point as much as any player on the pitch in my opinion. Putting on BAE gave us a different dimension that the usually tireless Scott Parker doesn’t offer. On saying that, as ever, Parker put another great shift in and after his lay off it was good to see him slot back in to the starting line up. But back to BAE, when we could have conceded that we were far too deep into Fergie time to pull a rabbit out, he used a little bit of footballing savvy & cooly popped a ball into ‘the mixer’. De Gea thankfully made his only error of the game and weakly punched the ball to Lennon, who in turn showed a very cool head and rolled it back for Clint to slot home. Cue pandemonium and a much welcomed warming feeling for the fans.

By Steve Long

The reaction of everyone showed just how together the current group is from all in the stands through all on the bench to the eleven on the pitch. Not bad for a club in turmoil who had no desire to ‘play’ for AVB and who are, according to sources, a selling club.

Now I, as well as many others, realise that Tottenham aren’t quite there yet in as much as fighting it out for top spot but with belief grows confidence and with confidence you have a stable ground to achieve. With a couple of good signings we could be on the verge of something special…….and I for would dearly love to see AVB with that smile on his face and a trophy in his hand sticking two fingers up to the doubters. So onto the FA cup, there’s nothing like it…COYS

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    • Think the majority of ‘ALL’ those people who said AVB would be out by Christmas may not have been Spurs fans. Tho some were I grant you!!

  1. Very good article…..brought back the excitement of Sunday night just reading it. The thing with AVB is you know that right now he is thinking about Spurs and the next game. We are in his blood Already and I think we all just have that sneaky feeling that he could be the one take us to that next level. But he also needs new players – Dempsey and Defoe are our only strikers currently available……United had Rooney, Wellbeck, Hernandez and Van Pansie; if we are going to truly compete with Man Utd, City and Chelsea we have to buy and now. COYS


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