A look back at the Manchester United farce


So I wonder who felt the most embarrassed on Sunday morning? Twattenburg, his linesman, Gomes or Nani? It won’t be the latter, he’s probably still patting himself on the back for being a sneaky, cheating cnut. The ref should be wondering why he didn’t see the handball, blow for the handball or find a way to disallow the goal – loss of advantage, ungentlemanly conduct, unsportsmanlike behaviour, any one of those would do (in fact put one of these with the deliberate handball and you’ve got a case for two yellows & sending the little cheat off as well disallowing the goal) – but no, he’s probably believing all the shameful ‘letter of the law’ defences that have been put up by the refereeing community and placing his freshly minted match DVD on the shelf next to his Christmas cards from Roy Carroll.

“Play to the whistle” has always been a mantra in this country, whether the same is true in Brazil or not I don’t know but whatever the case, Gomes is not without blame. Clattenburg wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what was going on. The farcical manner of the second goal was nearly matched by the quality of defending for the first. How did Assou-Ekotto end up being the one challenging Vidic? Hopeless.

We’d shot our bolt by the time the whole handball incident occurred, our hopes of getting an equaliser disappeared with Van der Vaart as he limped off, his tight hamstring has severely dented our hopes for Tuesday too. In this game he once again displayed his uncanny ability for finding space in dangerous areas but he suffered from the same malaise as Bale, Lennon, Modric, Jenas et al in that none of them was capable of finding a final ball good enough to turn all the positive play we produced into something substantial. Countless cutbacks, corners and crosses were delivered, all were missed by a white shirt or booted clear by a red one.

We had more of the possession and won most corners but United had most shots and attempts on goal as we allowed their midfield time in front of our back four. The spine of our side is suffering. Injuries up front, at centre back and in midfield mean that we’re nowhere near producing our best. Four wins, three draws and three losses after ten games isn’t calamitous but is likely to cause a minor tic in anyone of a pessismistic disposition. Add the facts that we’ve scored only 11 in those ten games and that our last league clean sheet was on the opening day of the season then the tic might in danger of becoming a twitch.


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  1. At 1-0 down with 6 minutes to go, Spuds were never gonna draw let alone win this game. I'm not a fan of Nani but he did what any other player would've done. Gomes should've known better. You lost, move on

  2. the thing that annoys me is the shere ignorance for clutterberg. even if advantage was played, when nani slipped the ball into th enet the ref should have blown the whistle and shoud have simply said "nani, stop fucking about!". but he didnt, and out of unsportsman behaviour from nani and clutterberg (and a shite-bag in the lino and bully in ferdinand) the goal stood. we should move on and raise our game a little now.

  3. Truly awful refereeing, yet again Utd getting rub of the green however Gomes may as well stood on the half way line, shouted back at Nani and said there you go the goal is open have a knock in on me! So I suppose we got what we deserved which is the norm at Old Trafford – naff all. Lets face fatcs, Utd were beatable but I am really copncerned at our lack of goals and poor defending – if Liverpool have had such a bad season and yet are now just 3 points behind us ours has hardly been a great season to date. Come on Harry we need 2 up front, now rafael is injured perhaps it might be time to get back to that.

  4. All that aside, the face that we couldn't score a single goal against a team that leaked more than a goal agains the likes of Fulham, West Brom and Everton, is quite shocking. I didn't mind losing, but not being able to score a goal? And how lost and aimless were we when VDV was brought out. We better bring in some forwards this Jan or we will be in big trouble. I would love to see Piquone in our team. He has been quite impressive for WestHam.

  5. Look everyone, It was old trafford, Who in there right mind is going to expect a fair referee at Old Trafford.

    You cannot blame Gomes, how would he know the ref did not blow? the croud noise coupled with the confusion over the dialowed penalty and the ref being so far away in the first place, Gomes could never have know the Ref did not blow up. the hand ball was so blatant and clear I can understand gomes placing the ball for the free kick. I can understand Nani trying it on more power to him, I can understand the linesman not holding his flag up at once (it is onl trafford after all and he would have felt very intimidated) i can even understand the ref getting it wrong in the firat place, know as only he would that he did not see the hand ball and therefore did not blow up. What i cant undersand is when he went over to the linesman and was told about the clear hand ball by Nani and that even he the linesman thought the ref had blown up, the why did the ref still decide to uphold the desission? that is the only part I cannot understand. Any fan of any team out there tell me this truthfully. If that sanme thing had happened at the other end and Liverpool, Spurs, arsenal, chelsea, man citly or anyone else for that matter and scored WOULD IT HAVE STILL BEEN ALLOWED? if we are talking truthfully the only conclusion is NO the goal would have been rightfully crossed off.

  6. Thats 4 out of last 6 visits to Old (Cheating B/stards Utd) Trafford that a very bad refs decission has gone against us. They should string Clattenburg up by the xollob and make an example out of him.

    • london pride
      why bother with this fixture just give utd the points at the start of the season it would save us money we know we will be cheated anyway

  7. haha
    so, when u have been fouled in the penalty box
    u stop playing, handle the ball
    and play a penalty
    stop kidding
    gomes was the farce
    else, u would have seen nani try to play a penalty
    instead of that comical goal

  8. spursforme–> well u've said some really good stuff there..and yeah..i guess the whole OT and SAF factor could have played a factor..
    and to answer your question.. the ref said he did not blow the whistle thus there was an advantage given when gomes took the ball.. and once he has placed it on the field to take a free kick.. the ref assumed that it was back on play.. so nani goes up..looks at the ref gets a shrug from him.. meaning he could take a kick at it..by this time everyones so confused that no one knew what on gods name was going.. nani "scored" .. linesman pulls up a flag as he sees gomes running towards him.. tells gomes he saw the handball.. when clattenberg went up to the linesman he explained to him that it was a handball/..but i guess by then clattenberrg told the lines man that it was an advantage and allowing play to go on… i know this is all a joke..i couldnt beleive it myself when i saw that.. i m truly sorry for u guys.. it sucks to be on the receiving hand of such silly refereeing.. but the fact that nani had the cheeks to celebrate such a " goal " with a summersault and pointing to his name on the back just shows what a twat he is.. a good footballer but with the attitude of a dimwitted donkey..

    arsenal fan


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