Mancini: Prem rivals are scared of City


Roberto Mancini insists Manchester City will be challenging for the title this season.

City were pipped to a fourth-placed finish and Champions League football by Tottenham last season.

He said: “Are they scared? I think so. At the moment only Manchester City are buying players.

“But that is normal because Manchester City want to improve and the other teams are just big teams who would like a lot of people.

“All the other teams are trying to put pressure on us because for 10 years there were only four teams challenging for the title.

“This year, there are five. I think all these teams over the years have spent a lot of money – Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool but now City do. There isn’t a difference.”

He added: “We have a big opportunity to win the league if we believe in ourselves and do our jobs. We have improved as a team.

“It depends if we can put together a team in the short time available. In my experience, I know after the World Cup in every country there can be a different situation in the league.

“If you remember a few years ago Manchester City were in the Championship, then it is clear every year we must improve.

“Last year, we fought for fourth place until the penultimate game against Tottenham – the aim this year is to try to win the Premier League. That must be our target.”

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  1. Man city is fearing all other teams. They got this fake big team syndrome. They aint any better. Last season, they unsettled teams like villa, everton with transfer battles.More over liverpool had a blip. Man city can keep spending money. Nobody is fearing them. Football is all about cycles. City had the time 3 decades back.May be they are again up there. Remember, most of the teams in premier league have won titles in the past. Take wolverhampton for example.Last year's burnley were champions once. Tottenham and everton has better pedigree than City. 'It city think, they are going to have an easy season with their 100 million buys. Dream on.

  2. What a complete and utter tosser Roberto Mancini is. just because he ahs got all the money he can throw he thinks he can mouth off saying what he has i cant wait for are 1st game against his dream team. look what happened end of season 1-0 and where we are at all the money can buy you what you want but end of the day they are not going to do as good as last season. cant wait to see this club go into adminstration shit on the city

  3. Other clubs do not fear you ,they are aware that you have suddenly got masses of money and that will help you and may even BUY YOU SUCCESS but that is football,however you will never be respected and that is a shame because Man City were a likeable club and had never shown the arrogance of Man Utd,Arsenal or Liverpool.N ow the Arabs have got your club the short term gains and i can understand the long suffering fans will be good,but in the future your club could end up being despised and never gaining the respect it could have got ,you only have to look at Chelsea to realise how everyone says they brought the league not won it.So mister Mancini when you come out with comments like that you bring ridicule on a once great name of English football but alas now a rich arabs plaything. I wonder what Colin Bell or Francis Lee would say about it all in private.

  4. Such arrogance! Did City develop players to get to the top? No. Did they gradually improve year on year to get to the top? No. Did they develop an organisation to build a winning team? No. All they did was get a rich sugar daddy.

    I expect they’ll get the same respect as a young woman who sells herself to a rich man – not much.


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