Martin Jol claims striker wouldn’t want to join Spurs


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Ajax boss Martin Jol has revealed that Tottenham Hotspur have made an enquiry for Luis Suarez.

The striker has scored 33 goals this season for the Dutch giants, but former Spurs boss Jol has claimed that the Uruguayan international wouldn’t move to Tottenham.

“Tottenham Hotspur president Daniel Levy recently approached me to talk about Luis, but I told him that they can’t afford him. He wasn’t too happy when I said that,” Jol told De Pers.

“However, I know that Luis wouldn’t leave Ajax for a club like Tottenham anyway. He will only leave us if the opportunity comes up to join one of Europe’s best teams. He has developed into one of the leaders of our team.”

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  1. Thanks for nothing Mr Jol. You once said you would like to come back to manage Spurs some day. Most Spurs supporters would probably be ok with that. With comments like this though, I am not sure if I would want you back

  2. Poor old MJ, got shafted by us. Would love to see him back at the Lane sometime in the future, though I hope that Harry leads us for a few years yet!

  3. Miaow! But we can hardly blame him. Bit disappointed in the "big club"comments though. He could have reserved his criticism for Levy – we, the fans, were never anything less than 100% behind him.

  4. Very dubious story – silly season is not upon us yet! Scoring 33 goals in the Dutch league is hardly a ringing endoursment – ask Middlesborough fans!!

  5. do people forget that he got the sack because he interviewed for the newcastle job in that summer, resulting with levy losing faith in BMJ.

  6. fuK MJ! Its more like when is AZZA coming back id rather talk about that then a guy that did nothing for spurs….. Id take AzzA anyday before this urugayan fool! so post a blog about something we have, not what we are not goin to get!!

  7. Nothing more than sour grapes, if he doesnt win the title this year, he will be out of the door at Ajax anyway..By the way there is not one player at Ajax that would make Spurs bench at the moment..Suarez is no where near good enough for premiership, Ajax as it is will only play to stay up in the league , if theye were a premiership club. Scoring 33 goals? Kezman managed more than that in Eredivisie, or even i wont read to much into it..DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WHEN ENGLISH MEDIA WERE LINKING JOL WITH AJAX JOB WHEN HE WAS AT THE LANE? WAS NOT HIS ANSWER " TOTTENHAM IS A TOP TEAM, ONE OF THE BEST?" AGEING DUTCH WANKER HAS JUST WIPED OUT ALL MY GOOD FEELINGS ABOUT HIM.

  8. Oh, stop being such bitches. Jol started the job that Redknapp is doing so well now. He's saying that stuff to get his own fans onside. It's a fantastic time to be a Spurs fan – channel your energy on the team people. COYS!!

  9. He's only doing his job, talkin up the price, so he's got more money to spend. Calm down you lot, I bet you think his brother is a Cock, and his nephew is a Dick.
    'He's got no hair but we don't care…'

  10. Yes, pretty cocky after a successful year with that so unlikely Dutch club Ajax. They never had a chance until Jol came along did they? I must admit that their goal difference is staggering but then, look at who is coming first and who manages them.

    However, sarcasm aside, I think that we are now seeing the real face of Jol without the Bulls*** facade that so many of you want to still believe in. Yes, he did apply for the NU job and well in advance of any approaches Levy made to Ramos, so it really is the pot calling the kettle black.

    Jol’s record against top four sides was poor and yet we still read the “Jol is a good guy” gushings here and elsewhere. Face it, he is just a mercenary like all others and yet has THFC sour grapes and will love to see us thrashed.
    If this is what you want then support him. I agree his last term made the club look bad but then you never heard Jol admit to his role did you? It would ruin the facade.

  11. LEGEND BMJ…he put Spurs on the road…and he was a Spurs man through and through.Got a bad deal from the Spurs board – he was proven right by the failings of Ramos.How true the report is I don’t know but Jol did not bad mouth the club after he was sacked so I’ll be surprised if he does now…

  12. Don't agree with a lot of the comments posted here. Jol is absolutly right about Suarez. I watch this guy every week, he is the playmaker at Ajax and without him they would not be in the positiuon they are at the moment (2nd). Very skillful, strong, difficult to play against and a prolific scorer. Is tempramental and a bit prone to diving though. His price tag would be well over 25 mille. Would he play for Spurs? Personally don't think so as I feel he is more suited to Serie A in Italy. Jol was very badly treated by Levy but has said on many ocassions on dutch TV that he bears no grudges.

  13. I believe the story. It's just the stupid kind of thing that Jol would say, right up there with "we forgot we had a game in hand" and "Ian Dowie isn't fit to tie my shoelaces" (right before Dowie's Crystal Palace stuffed us 3-0), among many others. I've come to accept that some Spurs fans still hanker for the stupid, unambitious, fat Dutchman but it still irritates me when he comes up. FFS, he thought he deserved credit for Michael Carrick playing well at Manchester United, and for the club's finances. Jol was an embarrassment. Thank goodness that nowadays we have an intelligent, straight-talking manager who doesn't speak to the media or the fans as if they are a bunch of cretins.

  14. Dickie:IIRC a statement by Levy about 6 mths after Jol was sacked. The timing was the summer before. The Jol lovers said that it was only a lever to get himself a payrise.

    Shannon: there are those who see and those who refuse to see. It is a pity that we cannot sell some bridges to those who refuse to see as it would seem that they are a sucker for a good, chamingly benevolent conman.
    I actually wish that Jol was as good as his publicity made him out to be, but he wasn't and the "jolly giant" had hollow legs. I wish him well at Ajax but i hope that we thrash any team we meet that he manages.
    That statement above, about us "not being good enough" says it all if you care to read it and it has just confirmed what I thought.

  15. Honestly folks, get over it. He did well for the club and should be commended for two 5th place finishes that still are the highest Spurs have ever finished. He had 2 strikers who were really on their game and precious little else. He was let go in what can only be described as appalling circumstances, that to this day, I consider to be a black mark on a storied organization. It's all in the past though, and so is he. There's no coming back. As for his striker, he's saying what he has to to keep his player or get more for him. If a perennial CL team comes around with sufficient funds, he'll be gone because the player would be unsettled anyway. Then again, if we pony up 30M and ridiculous wages, he'll come to us and willingly state that Spurs are a big club, as they all do. Jol's just playing the game. Hate the game, not the player. COYS

  16. Peterballb..good and sensible comment…I have to admit to prejudice re Jol as I have met his type far too often to not know one when I see one. I thank him for giving us back our pride but although the club were made to look bad by the media, I believe that they had a perfect right to do so in view of his managerial gamesmanship.


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