MF’s Match Preview: Spurs vs Inter Milan


Such is the intensity of the league campaign Thursday’s game against Inter comes as almost light relief when compared to both last weekend’s fixture and this Sunday’s visit to Anfield. The temptation to rest Dembélé, Parker or any number of players, even Bale, rather than have them spend 90 minutes wasting energy banging their figurative heads against what is likely to be a very determined and organised Inter brick wall will be great for Villas-Boas. We’re better countering rather than applying constant pressure so why not keep things tight in this leg and wait until the San Siro to get a lead? A dangerous tactic but not one without merit given what Lennon and Bale proved on Sunday they can do if given space, an item likely to be in short quantity at WHL.

I’ve seen the words ‘Spurs should be able to handle Inter’ in various scouting type articles during the last couple of days which is encouraging of course. They seem to have started the season like a train, including one run where they won ten in a row, before fading somewhat. They currently lie 4th, ahead of those nice boys from Lazio on goal difference.

Despite what I say above we’re likely to play the strongest side AVB dares to put out. Friedel will probably be in goal and a good selection of Friedel, Holtby, Gallas, Defoe, Naughton and Caulker may come in as changes to Sunday’s side with Livermore and Carroll as possibles. Adebayor hasn’t recovered from whatever ailed him on Sunday by the sounds of it and with Dempsey out alternatives are few and far between up front. One thing’s for sure, Bale especially will be the subject of plenty of Italian know-how, and we may get to witness some of the dark arts of defending.

There’s not much else to say really. The home game against Inter in 2010 will live long in the memory of anyone who was there, the European champions were just fodder that night for the mighty Bale. We’ll be lucky to witness a similar encounter this Thursday but you never know. Whatever the case though, all eyes and minds will be partially distracted by the thought of Liverpool on Sunday.

The officials are from Spain. COYS.


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  1. mr avb put your best side out against inter we all know about resting players but this is european soccer gallas friedel not up to it lloris for my money should be kept in goal

  2. As you rightly observe Liverpool is the pressure game and key players will need to be rested. However AVB (and all of us) would love to see the cup in our cabinets at the Lane. So of course he will go for it. Benny, Scotty, siggy and JD need the exercise, Walker needs the practise, Daws & Jan should be fine (when can we see the Bull again) reckon it may be a good idea to play Azza first 45 and rest the Welsh Wizard then second 45 pull Azza and insert Gareth ???

  3. I'm hoping for a good use of the squad; we've got lots of huge games coming up, and they're likely to be on a come down after the derby, so fresher players will likely be sharper.
    Expect: Naughton for Walker; Benoit, Gallas, and of course Defoe. The more of Dembele, Parker, Lennon and Bale we can rest, and get away with resting, the better. If AVB feels Livermore is good enough to play and he has regained some form, that would be fantastic because we've got very little behind Dembele and Parker's role.

    That all said, Inter are apparenly having a bit of an injury crisis, so perhaps it would be a good idea to try and nip the tie in the bud; albeit, that's easier said than done.


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