MF’s Match Report: QPR 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur


A recipe for you. Take one dried up potato field, a large shoebox, one Russian cold front and a brisk wind and mix thoroughly until all atmosphere has been removed. Strain the ambition out of a home side and blend in making sure, above all else, that it keeps its shape throughout.

Add the away team, one that desperately needs a more subtle edge if it is to penetrate the rest of the ingredients and leave mixture to stew in front of entertainment starved thousands. Return to serve up stodge just before the end of Match of the Day because surely nothing else cooked up today will be this devoid of the football equivalent of taste.

You get the picture. QPR were set up to frustrate, and this they achieved in spades. As has often been the case of late we struggled to find a way through the negativity man and whilst it’s a pleasure to report that we didn’t throw it away completely, as we’ve seen happen all too often in the past, it’s clear that something must be done Daniel if we’re going to give ourselves the best chance we can of Moneybags League footy next year.

They remained stoic, we lost width, they hoofed, we failed to find space, Jamie Mackie clattered poor Naughton time and again, Lee Mack (it might as well have been him from Kyle’s perspective) waved play on (did he not wonder why Naughton continually had to pick himself up off the floor after coming into contact with the Scot?), the home side wasted time from the off, the ref added 2 minutes at the end, the QPR faithful (nice to see that Loftus Rd has been converted back into a Virgin Trains quiet carriage by the way) took animated umbrage at ‘diver’ Bale , the QPR faithful ignored the efforts of Taraabt and the spectacular (really really spectacular) over acting of M’bia as they attempted to win places on the next series of Splash!

Dembélé had problems with Mount M’bia, Adebayor had problems with everything. If he’d scored, which he should’ve done, after Defoe’s screamer had been tipped against the post we all might’ve had a brighter lunchtime. As if in homage to Harry, Bale ended up more in than outside (he never has a good game against Onouha though) and Sandro’s driving forward was missed as much as his defensive work. Basically the full backs needed to get more involved, the passing needed to be quicker and more imaginative and the forwards needed to provide more cutting edge than a snowball.

Man United next Sunday, at least we can be sure that they’ll try and cross the halfway line occasionally.


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  1. Adebayor is poor …bad attitude…there's something not right with him…..he accuses avb of lying…. Refers to his boss as 'Levy' ….not playin with the smile on his face anymore……maybe time to cut him loose when we get a replacement first of course!

  2. Someone’s bitter!!! Deary me, as a neutral I thought QPR did rather well, they’re bottom and they took a point off the team in 3rd…..think this speaks more about Spurs shortcomings rather than QPR’s. Congratulations to all the teams at the foot who picked up points this week. Ignore morons like this author, and keep battling away. U may just escape the drop!!

  3. Why oh why did we not go for Adebaor's heading prowess – everything was on the ground!!When you cannot get through try something new ( as we did with Crouch !!)


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