Matt Doherty opens up on those Arsenal tweets and labels them ‘a bit embarrassing’

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Matt Doherty has admitted that he is a little embarrassed by the tweets he put out in 2012 and 2013 professing his love for Arsenal.

After he completed his move to Tottenham, the club released a hilarious announcement video in which Doherty was seen deleting his previous tweets about the Lilywhites’ North London rivals after giving a sheepish look to the camera.

The right-back admitted that the tweets were not something he could defend since he was not a teenager when he sent them out, but revealed how the idea came about behind his unveiling video at Spurs.

Speaking to The Guardian, Doherty said: “I wasn’t even young (when I tweeted it). I wasn’t even, like, 12 so I can’t even say: ‘Ah, well, I was only 12 so I didn’t know what I was saying.’ So, yeah, it was a bit embarrassing.

“It’s well documented that I had previous tweets and they asked me to do a few shots on the video.

“I knew they were going to put something together but when I saw the end product it was quite funny and I’m glad it went down really well.

“People have messaged me and said how bad the acting was and that’s probably fair.”

The right-back admitted that he started following the Gunners when he was younger owing to his admiration for Dutch legend Dennis Bergkamp.

He said: “My mam is Dutch and Dennis Bergkamp is Dutch and that link got me interested in the game and watching him going forward. So it’s an unusual link [to Arsenal] but that’s what it was.”

However, Doherty assured Tottenham fans that he has no mixed loyalties and is clear on which side of the North London divide he now belongs.

“I’ve got Spurs gear on – that’s all I care about,” he said. “I am a professional and when I go out there with the badge on, that’s all I’m thinking about.

“Everything else is in the past. Tottenham is what it is for me now.”

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