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Crazy week. Three away games, Villa, Man United, Everton. If we’d won all three of them no-one could argue. Actual results: two draws and a loss. Today was classic Spurs. Two goals up and totally in control with 30 minutes to go, and then we just kept needlessly giving the ball away all over the pitch, and conceding clumsy, stupid free-kicks for Everton to throw into the box. Brainless.

Even then, having thrown it all away we had a golden chance to win it at the end, but Defoe hits a poor penalty. Quite frankly it was criminal. On this evidence, these guys don’t have the mental strength to sustain this challenge.

It was a cracking second half for neutrals I guess. Everton found a new hero in their young full-back Coleman, who did a great job for them. In fact, all of their substitutes made a big impact. But really, all we had to do was keep playing our football, not get drawn into the scrap, and the match was ours. Plenty of chances went begging. I was waiting for the sucker punch, and it duly arrived. Well done Everton, they got the bit of luck they think they’ve been deserving of. Hip hip hooray.

Oh, and those Scousers booing Palacios and calling him a cheat as he was stretchered off: absolute disgrace.

Star man: Aaron Lennon – great pace and even better quality from wide areas

Worst performer: Benoit Assou-Ekotto – 45 minutes of lilly-livered petulance

Best moment: Numerous exchanges of sparkling football. Just a point to show for it though.

Tactics: Unchanged from previous weekend – 442, big man and little man up front

Opposition fans: Just a little over-excitable maybe?

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  1. Well i couldn’t watch the game and taped it i live not far from Everton in Widnes and have supported Spurs man and boy for 47 years of my 57 and fell in love with there football style aged Ten .And the reason i cant watch my beloved team is Energy cheats it never surprised me out of the north west 3 teams finished in the top 5 places. My wife’s relations text me the score and i switched my phone of at 2-0 because i new the script Saha glued together with sticky tape Ca hill not scored for a while depleted and should be tired Everton against a team with loads of goals in them should be game over not in my head put me phone on ian a man utd fan 2-1 dave saha ian 2-2 cahill i was gutted left the house to pik grand kids up and my phone bleeps.Its Andrew another UTD fan saying you cheating bastards .So i pulled over and texed Ian and asked whats up he said you have a penalty and Defoe is taking it i put the mobile down because Howard would save it .My mobile bleeped he has saved it.Why do i no what is going to happen becase this is what i have tried to tell all my fellow Spurs fans its not our soft underbelly losing games and points is others using Energy to win games and in my 57 years of watching football this is called fucking cheating thaTs how upset it gets me SORRY FOR THE FRENCH LADS STILL HURTING IN THE NORTH WEST

  2. I don’t see it as the team in general lost the win. It has been mentioned on several occasions that Harry and other managers should give the fringe players a chance to play. Well, were not in that position to be able to do that yet. We have to pick our best side available, or we have player like Bale to rely upon..!. Bale was at fault for both their goals, he got beaten too easily for the first, and must of gone back to the bench for the second, because he was no where to be seen. bale can’t defend for Toffee ( not because we were playing everton). The momentum went their way because of our weak link.

  3. Heartbreaking to watch but I wasn’t suprised at all. The team looked completely sloppy the entire game and was shocked to see us even score two goals. But the fans booing Palacios was completely unclalled for. Everton deserve to be in the bottom half of the table for that.

  4. I have made a decision today not to watch football again and this makes me sad because losing my chance to be a footballer star or rugby league .At the age of sixteen firstly my cartilage went and then the other knee went and a spine disease followed a few years later .And Spurs ups and downs have kept me going through some ups and downs my self .But two years ago my Football enjoyment went sour when i discovered a famous team that a lot of my family follow where cheating using energy drugs that meant they could lose key players and still win they went close last year and where called the come back kings . And sadly this drug has been used by back room staff when there teams are struggling some managers no and some haven’t got a clue .And i no if i ha dent found this out i to would be on her calling Defoe Crouch Bale but if i stop then the cheats prosper players get sold for loads of money managers go on to bigger clubs fail and get sacked that’s if they don’t no what is going on.Some of my fellow fans are saying we tired Everton played in Europe on a wet energy sapping pitch and dont say we did because we only played in second gear .I have been a loane wolf and mocked for my stand on cheats and this is goodbye and i really hope my Spurs beat the cheats and play in Europe where testers are looking out for this drug since the team i discovered won it in a famous come back .Thanks SPURS WEB FOR GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO TELL MY SIDE and i hope to god no other footballers die young if it was this heart attack and stroke drug. (spurs forever davspurs)


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