Maxim Match Report: Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur


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Can’t say I’m impressed by anything that happened in this squalid affair. Leaving aside the shrill reaction of Liverpool fans to their current “predicament” (they should spend some time in the bottom three for a bit of perspective), Spurs were pretty poor, Liverpool pretty poor, and the officials decidedly poor.

First off, us: Harry decided to change a back four that had 5 consecutive clean sheets to accommodate the strolling miracle that is Ledley King. Don’t get me wrong, I love the great man; but how much longer can this situation go on? It must be unsettling for the team to have a guy that everyone knows can’t play consistently coming in and out like this. King should have been on the bench.

As for our performance, well we tried unsuccessfully to play football, which brings me on to Liverpool. We went to Anfield and all Liverpool were interested in was stopping us from playing. This was a new experience. It was not dissimilar to playing Wolves at White Hart Lane! They stopped us very well, with numbers behind the ball in protection of an undeserved early lead, and robust man-marking on Jermain Defoe in particular. I’ve got a mate who’s a Liverpool fan and was at the game. He reckons it was the “least attractive” match between the two sides he can remember. Whose fault is that then?!!

Of course, they had no Gerrard and no Torres – big players. We had no Lennon and no Huddlestone. No-one’s saying Huddlestone is there with Gerrard, but he’s started nearly every match this season; Lennon is a massive player for us, all five foot nought of him. We still tried to play our game despite these absences, but Liverpool are so wracked with fear, as indeed this entire league is….

Anyway, we should have created more against a team so limited in ambition and ability (haha – I just wanted to say that for a laugh, Liverpool fans). But we didn’t. We under-performed, we missed the big chance. It’s a habitual thing. Personally, I don’t feel the Spurs squad has a winning mentality. Something is missing in their heads. By the end, we were freely shipping opportunities Liverpool’s way as we pressed for an equaliser. Dirk Kuyt’s second goal, a penalty in stoppage time, was just a sad postscript.

Finally the officials. Well, I’ve lost the heart for it now, to be honest. They got a million things wrong in both directions, but one really big one. Defoe scored a perfectly good goal. Any other interpretation of that situation is the worst type of red mist. Did you hear former Red Gary McCallister’s observation on it? Liverpool haven’t had the rub of the green this season, and it all evens out apparently. Listen, we’re still waiting for Pedro Mendes’ “goal” at Old Trafford to get evened out. We’re quite accustomed to good goals being disallowed for breathtaking incompetence. Absolute joke.

Star man: Peter Crouch

Worst performer: Niko Kranjcar was very disappointing after recent great form

Best moment: Maybe the flowing move that played in Modric in the first half

Tactics: 442, Crouch partnering Defoe; King replaced Bassong in defence; Jenas in for injured Huddlestone

Opposition fans: They got what they seem to think is their’s by right

By Andy Knaggs

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  1. Not being at the match makes it difficult to appreciate the way things pan out. I think most of what you say is correct, not sure Crouch was the best we had on the pitch, Jenas worked hard and would get my vote. If we are going to be faced with this type of tactic we have to work out how to overcome it, perhaps using the width with our full backs is the answer, the lack of pace with the ball played into the hands of a packed midfield, I have to agree that this season there seems to be a pattern of teams playing one up front and packing the midfield, hitting teams on the break, it makes for a poor football as power and fitness replace good attacking football. Our team at present lacks belief which is strange when we are fourth, Harry is right though, fourth is wide open, good to see Benitas thinks they are now in the running for the title!

  2. its high time that more was made of the poor decisions made by officials at spurs games we keep hearing about swings and roundabouts,its little use going to the f.a. they are still worshiping at their shrine dedicated to Herbert Chapman, and the refs.are all still reading the papers from early 1958. these decisions cost spurs thousands and have been doing so since the disallowed goals against Benfica. its little wonder Liverpool took over in the final 20 mins.last night they new that the ref. and linesmen were covering them at the back. __ sour grapes?__ YES!!!

  3. Outpaced sack our conditoner and hire Benitez PHYSIO they where faster than the stoke game and Rafa is in the top five managers because he can up the Tempo when he is facing the sack ask UTD

  4. Yet again we suffer the frights when we enter Anfield, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and the Emirates. How long does this go on – Liverpool were not greta but what they did do was work damn hard and wanted it more. We cannot expect to showboat each week and walk into the champions league. We are still week and may have some good talent but teams have sussed us out and know how to stop us playing. Plan B of hoofing it up to Crouch does not work either. Something seems very wrong with our strikers who seem to have lost their shooting boots, so why if Pav is doing so well in training does Harry not start him and stir things up a bit. I also think Harry and the players should just stop talking and do the business on the pitch. I am fed up hearing how good we potentially are etc etc blah blah. Bag some points and fight like hell to keep 4th then brag in the summer about our achievement.

  5. I agree about Ledley. The back four was fine without him. Besides, if he can’t play a whole game keep him on the bench until needed.
    I also had problems with the tactics. Whenever we play Crouch we just throw long balls upfield and hope he can do something! He has feet too, good ones at that, so why not play a ground game against this tall Liverpool defence?
    And what were the subs? Hutton for Corluka was presumably meant to address the lack of attacking on the right, but given Insue was burned by a speedy winger a couple of weeks ago why not leave Corluka, who’s the better defender, and bring on Danny Rose – a Lennon-like player – for Kranjcar? The second change, Keane for Kranjcar, didn’t make a lot of sense either given Keane’s form. And of course the third change was either insane or because Ledley couldn’t finish the game – see earlier – but in any case since we’re trailing why not take off Ledley and bring on Dos Santos or even Pav?

  6. Webb Again messed us about. How many bad games does this guy (dick) have to play to realise that he’s not good enough for the Campionship, never mind the Premier League. Apart from that, Harry got his tactics wrong and we should have started with Gio on the right and Mod in the middle. We lacked pace on the flanks. To be honest I havn’t seen enough of Rose to comment, but he was worth a punt against a bad Liverpool team which resembled a Bolton or a Hull (bunch of kickers)

  7. Spurs biggest problem at the moment is Harry Redknapp. Awfull tactics against Liverpool.

    1. Why change an allmost perfect defense?
    2. The substitutions. Bringing on Keene changed the game in favour of Liverpool. Spurs needed more speed and creativity up front. Why didnt he bring on Rose or Dos Santos? Perhaps they are too young?

    This years team may be better placed in the table (so far), but are performing worse against the big four than the previous years. Hardly a team for the future or the champions league.


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