Maxim Match Report: Spurs 0-2 Portsmouth


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Where to start…I’m writing this on Monday morning, so I’ve now seen the TV confirmation of unnaceptable standards of pitch and referee. But I don’t really want to harp on about those things: the evidence is there for all to see. So it’s best that I stick with the emotions that I had immediately after the game, as I sat in a monstrous traffic jam, going nowhere fast (a bit like our season maybe!).

Those emotions were that Spurs simply played poorly, and given that we were favourites and had to make the game happen, we therefore deserved nothing out of it. As my mate put it, Pompey played their role as underdogs better than we played as favourites. I’ve seen the statistics of the match as well now. We had more than 30 attempts at goal – that’s one every four minutes, with extra time. I was surprised by that, because I never really felt we looked likely to score a goal. When we did of course, the long hand of the law extended unnecessarily.

When we beat Portsmouth 2-0 in the league a couple of weeks ago, there was sympathy for their plight. I’m finding it a little less easy to be so charitable right now, given the Pompey fans reactions to our manager (he’s a professional football manager, we paid £5 million for his services, get over it), and some of our players. Even Niko Kranjcar, who’s surely blameless in this whole thing, and who seemed almost apologetic when he scored against them two weeks ago, refusing to celebrate he said, out of respect for the Pompey fans…even he was booed when he came on as a second half substitute. There’s respect for you Niko.

As a club, we get plenty of disrespect from Portsmouth (and a lot of others!), so they can have a little back this time. No football match involving Portsmouth FC has been just a football match this season, it’s been a pretty ridiculous soap opera; and for that reason good riddance to them as they prepare to plough their trade in the Championship next season.

Well, what about us. Not much really. The fans expected; too much in fact, as they sat glumly watching and listening to Pompey run through their one-song repertoire over and over. More noise required, people. This new Wembley doesn’t help, but it all seemed a bit too corporate. As for the team, we were happy to see Michael Dawson, Tom Huddlestone and Vedran Corluka back. Defoe was judged fit enough to start in place of Pavlyuchenko.

There was no spark though, in the face of Pompey’s hold then thrust tactics. Defoe was ineffectual, roundly booed every time he touched the ball. Crouch was game, but limited. Modric only rarely sparkled. At half time, there was more to say about the pitch. At times it was like watching a bunch of amateur ice skaters out there, so treacherous did the footing appear to be. I made the point then that it was lucky that none of the slip ups had caused a goal, which of course eventually happened in extra time when Dawson lost his footing just as he was to about to clear the ball, leaving Piquionne with a simple tap in. Imagine that happening in a World Cup Final – there’d be wars.

The disallowed goal (ludicrous) and the penalty right at the end (when Palacios got the ball) just added to the general feeling that the Big Man Upstairs had it in for us from the start. We’re apparently devastated by this defeat. I’m just as bothered with the fact that everyone who plays against Man City at the moment seems to want to roll over and have their belly tickled.

Arsenal next, then Chelsea, then Man U. It’s going to be a really good month.

Star man: Pompey’s Ricardo Rocha was given man of the match by the stadium announcer, and who am I to disagree  

Best moment: It would have to be the pre-match beers in the glorious sunshine. Nothing from kick off onwards could remotely be described as good!

Tactics: A few guys were back from injury, but still no Lennon, leaving Bentley to play on the right. Defoe came back to partner Crouch in place of Pavlyuchenko. Tough call.

Opposition fans: They’ve got one song, which they sing briefly every 10 minutes and they think that makes them wonderful. Didn’t even sell all their tickets.

By Andy Knaggs

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  1. My heart sank a little when the team was announced-Huddlestone simply is not good enough and lets us down time after time-and why oh why Crouch ahead of Pav….

  2. What the hell is wrong with my fellow sad Spurs , Huddlestone never let us down he like a few others where still carrying knocks and if Huddlestone let us down then our league is corrupt with drugs . Are you saying man of the match Rocha who a few weeks ago was out cold and out for the rest of the season and in the words of his manager a lot of is players where 80 percent fit and Brown and the Prince are better than Hudds because if you are we are fucked . The pitch let us down the Referee let us down the Pompy Team let us down for playing like Sunderland Wolves Stoke did wen we played them they played way above there players price tag and if what i have bean boring you all year and before i got my PC Tex ting The Radio with Ephedrine stories . This is called Targeting results and the way these teams play you could put this team out and win goalkeeper chorluka full back kranjcar centre half jenas palcios .This is the reality of a league using a salary cap with drugs instead of money they buy cheap and enhance the fuckers so don't fall for this David and Goliath shite its David iEnhanced in pink remember i told you Finnan and James where ex Duracell Bunnies last week and i told you all on Friday they would chase and tackle with high Energized lungs shocks ROSS COUNTY 2 CELTIC O HULL 1 BURNLEY 4 WEST HAM 1 SUNDERLAND 0 CITY FLYERS 5 BIRMINGHAM TIGHT DEFENSE 1 These are just a few in a season of shocks i predicted before they had kicked the season of because the real One who has let us down is Ukda who have taken over Uk sport and the same people are running it in the same ignorant way and until Targeted Testing is allowed by players cheats will beat skill any day if we lose players we struggle if these energized teams lose players it dosent matter one bit look back on the teams who beat us and you will see there bst players missing . We either have the best testing in the world or the worse because these are the high profile players caught cheating Danny Caddamateri ex Everton drug Ephedrine 6 months ban he is playing and scoring in Scotland Paddy Kenny same drug nine months should have bean two years the Fa excepted is excuse cough medicine from is chemist even though its no longer in cough medicine was banned for killing people and causing strokes , the only player who faile in the prem is Mutu cocaine and he was grassed on by is manager who later lost is job Moreno so you make up your mind are team crap and Pompy are better even if we have taken all there best players is it the Magic of the Cup or something more shady Take a good Luck at our Kevin in the Sun paper is red torso and face tell me he has bean the chemist for is cold . or is he blushing is 9/1 outsiders have won?


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