MF looks back at Spurs 0-1 Wigan


A pig of an afternoon. Two hours of underperformance on the field accompanied by rising anger off it, the nadir of which was the crowd’s reaction to Defoe being given the hook when he was replaced by Adebayor with half an hour to go. All very ugly.

The key moment in this game was when Sandro knacked himself and needed to be replaced. The clanging sound you could hear from that moment on was Wigan knocking on a hollow midfield in a display that reminded me mostly of our performances against the two Manchester clubs at the start of last season we were so lightweight.

That was 22 minutes in but there were signs that things weren’t as you’d hope well before than as we yet again started at a snail’s pace of a tempo. Why we don’t start with more energy and purpose I’ve no idea but it’s going to be our undoing. We hadn’t created much to that point but neither had we been threatened. The game hadn’t yet taken any sort of shape, or indeed provided any entertainment.

Frustration in the North Stand was already apparent, at that point we didn’t know how lucky we were though as after Sigurdsson replaced the injured Brazilian we were always the worse of two average sides.
55 minutes in an under pressure Friedel flapped at a corner and Watson buried the rebound. Caulker and Bale came close to grabbing an undeserved equaliser; ineffective impotence was the general pattern though.

The boo boys cut loose once again at the final whistle; how they think that’s helpful I don’t know. You can already tell that Walker’s confidence and performances have been affected by the abuse he’s been receiving, the last thing we need is more fragile egos dented.

We need players back before next weekend; our midfield can’t survive with none of Dembélé, Parker, Sandro or even Livermore. Most of all though we need a system that suits the players we do have available.

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  1. Dear long-suffering Spursfans
    Do you still have faith in Levy and AVB? But who sacked Harry and other recent managers and who sold our best players without replacement and who appointed AVB anyway? Levy a Spurs fan? A tough negotiator? Or just a money-maker tough businessman? You, the fans to judge. I’m just another long-suffering Spursfan.

  2. We were dead and buried, after Sandro left. Wigan upped the attack and we further lost conyrol from midfield.
    Anyone watching the game, can feel the goal or goals coming, from the way Wigan attacked us. AVB did not DO anything, at halve-time, nor did the midfield boys. We need WINNERS at midfield. Nobody saw this !
    We need more back up reinforcement at midfield, when Dembelle and or Sandro, our midfield enforcers are injured ? Couldn't AVB plugged the midfield ?

  3. still early days and patience as well as new players needed in january (hopefully willian and a llorente). we are without a lot of quality, due to injuries, at the moment and this will undoubtedly affect our performance. However, what is clear is that sigurdsson, dempsey and livermore are squad players at best and not top four quality. what is also clear is that we need adebayor up top either with defoe or without him when we play at home. he gives us far more presence and threat so that we can get the ball forward quicker and play in and around the box. with just defoe up top when we play at home we are reliant on playing in our own half abd get put under too much pressure.

  4. We are no better than the scum down the road, lightweights who can't compete with the big spenders due to being more interested in profits than trophies. Like them we are a feeder club for the rich clubs, and we have made it official with Real.

    AVB is a great manager, he just needs some time to bed in and get us playing as we should. This may take a couple of seasons at least but I'm sure he can come through. Especially if we get some money spent. I have to believe this or I might as well give up.


  5. My sentiments exactly. I wasnt a big Harry fan but I like AVB and you can see from his bench reactions how much he wants this to work. I dont agree with all his decisions and world class players are not easy to acquire let alone replace and we lost 2 in Modric and VDV but that wasnt his fault. To get to next level, i.e challenge for title and regular CL football we needed to appoint a 'name' and we did so lets judge him at the end of the season, not in November.


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