MF looks back at Spurs 1-1 Norwich


So what were we lacking? Guile, vigour, speed, strength, confidence… what else? You name it really. We were slow, lightweight but most of all, we were lacking in creativity.

Three games and three late goals conceded, in theory denying us 5 points, but only if you’re so blinkered you make Ian Paisley look like a blue sky thinker. Norwich’s equaliser here was almost a carbon copy of West Brom’s as we failed to deal with a high ball and the knock down was whipped past Friedel’s left hand. It was the least the away team deserved though as they created the best chances in a poor game. Wise buy though I’m sure Lloris is, on this evidence, goalie is the last position we need to strengthen, Friedel made 3 blinding stops to add to the ones that kept us in the game last week.

4-2-3-1. Villas-Boas’s baby. Have we got the men to play it? I’d say no personally, on this evidence anyway. The centre backs aren’t strong enough, Livermore and Sandro don’t supply enough quality going forward (and neither will Parker) and Defoe doesn’t hold the ball long or well enough (old news obviously) to bring Sigurdsson, Bale or Lennon into the game. Until we get a Scholes/Modric type figure (Tom Carroll in two years and plus two stone?), a much much better centre half pairing and an Adebayor type up front (hang on a minute…) then we should be looking at a system that suits Dembele, Dempsey, Bale, Adebayor, Vertonghen and the full backs and not the reverse.

I’m no tactical guru I’ll freely admit but I saw no sign of any high line or pressing in this game, just a team that’s short of inspiration and rather weedy. No offence to the big man but there’s no reason why Michael Dawson can’t fit into a team that plays like that and putting him in in place of Gallas would be a huge improvement, every team with a big bloke up front is going to bully us otherwise.

Dembele’s debut goal was a touch of class that stood out from the poo around it. One trick and a dip of the shoulder gave him the sort of space that Defoe only dreams of when he tries it and the finish was emphatic.

Two weeks off now before Reading which is good as there’s a lot for AVB to ponder.


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  1. Do we actually need a like for like Modric replacement? What we have could work. If we look at the Man City side that won the Premiership last season, there was no deep-lying playmaker (Modric style player). They had a defensive mid, most of the time playing simple passes (Barry/De jong) for City (Sandro/Parker/Livermoore) for us. A dynamic box to box midfeilder, creative in possesion, good defensively, can be pushed into attacking mid if the games not going to well (Yaya Toure) for City (Dembele) for us. Then, there is an advanced playmaker pulling strings further forward in the final third (Silva) for City (Sigurdsson) for us. No Modric type but they were able to win the league, my point is we can do very well with what weve got, because our players are top quality.

    • I agree to an extent, but City actually had a lot more creativity; creativity that we were sorely lacking at the weekend. Our forward players that we started with are all more direct:
      Defoe – does little more than finish
      Bale and Lennon – need to be fed the ball in good positions (generally)
      Sigi – carries a goal threat sure, but is he that creative?

  2. The one thing that lingers for me of Saturday's game was BAE's cheating shirt pulling that dragged the Norwich man to the ground. It looked terrible, tell him to cut it out.

    • It was commented on that way, but it more six of one half a dozen of the other. The Norwich man had a hold of Benoit's shirt too and was pushing him with his hand. N.B. not shoulder to shoulder.

  3. Watching the way that Wigan play, with 100% determination and fire, shows up the boring slow lacklustre Spurs attitude at the moment. Embarrassing for a team that produced what the commentators called `champaign football`, last season.

  4. You guys are just talking and talking, can somebody just tell AVB that all we want are the wins , whether he plays 4:5:1 or 1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:2 , I bet nobody cares , just get the job done continuous points in the bag. let him get the message … Not. Experiments or error substitutions ,,, mourhino in his first season at Chelsea made it clear that 1 goal 1-0 or 0-1 can win a game anytime if you get your acts right.

  5. Things should improve with time. I'm really glad that the comment on here aren't displaying a lack patience and awareness displayed elsewhere. In the next game, Adebayor should be fit enough to start, Dembele too (probably in place of Livermore to be our Yaya as #Dembele suggested), perhaps also Clint Dempsey will play instead of Sigi as he's a bit more creative.

    Dawson or Caulker instead of Gallas? – You can see why AVB chose him (experience, old head, help Vertonghen aclimatise to the league etc.), but he has looked somewhat shaky

  6. I think as an avid South Africa fan since 1960 ( Jimmy Greaves days) we need a bi bustli enr foward /striker inthe Bobby Smith mould as we n defnd wjust an;tget he ball in te box


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