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As if let off the leash and glad to finally have an excuse to cut loose there were those around me in the North stand that seemed to take a curious pleasure in watching us struggle today. Months of watching opponents being swatted aside had obviously frustrated a loud minority who were thrilled to grab the opportunity to get involved and have a pop at anyone and everyone. Dawson and Adebayor were the main targets. I am always baffled at how people think shouting abuse or sarcasm about their own players during a game is going to help matters. There was a lot to be unhappy with it is true but there was plenty of good stuff too and if we’d won the visitors couldn’t have complained.

Wolves defended deep and physically with Karl Henry once again outstanding against us in midfield. They got the point they came for but whether they deserved it is another thing. They were far better than West Brom a fortnight ago and Kightly, Jarvis and Fletcher occasionally combined well but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team hoof or play the ball into touch inadvertently quite so often during 90 minutes, it must have been into double figures. The stop start nature of the game didn’t help it as a spectacle, both trainers were forever on and off, and there was rarely much space around.

Countless flicks and touches failed to find their man as we struggled to make clear openings.

Possibly the best chance of the game fell to Lennon shortly after we’d equalised but after Hennessey had parried a close range Modric effort to him, he hit his return shot too close to the keeper. Apart from that we were restricted to long range efforts which were either skied, blocked or straight Hennessey, including the one Modric scored from, thanks to some dodgy keeping.

Walker and Modric were two of our better players with Assou-Ekotto not far behind. Bale was ineffective and his shooting woeful. Parker and Lennon both gave just coming back from injury performances. We looked less sure at the back than we have for a while. With Dawson Kaboul plays on the left hand side and I don’t think it suits him. The two don’t seem to dovetail as a partnership as well as when Ledley or Gallas are playing.

Their goal came from a corner that wasn’t and that and our absolutely shocking corners and free-kicks – something needs to be done about our dead ball delivery, it is pitiful – added to the frustration. Disappointment is part and parcel of being a Tottenham fan, moving ten points clear of Arsenal and fifth place doesn’t count though compared to a lot of what we’ve witnessed at WHL. At least there was no booing at the end, that I heard anyway. Citeh next, and the start of a much tougher run of games than we’ve had of late. The top four is our target despite the title related badgering of the manager and players by the media , and even though we only gained a point today it’s a point that keeps us on course.


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  1. They had 1 corner all game and they scored. We had 8 and i don't think we even troubled the keeper. We also had 2 freekicks from great scoring positions and none was on target. We play beaufiul football, but that doesn't mean we should forget about set pieces. Maybe we must bring in Samba no matter what the asking price. We need a bully!

    • i dun even need to look when we have corners, but if we have corners against us, I fear. How can we be so bad at set pieces. Getting Samba may not help; looking at our corners they cannot even cross the near post


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