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Well that didn’t go too well. A bit of a thumping at the hands of the Bank of Abu Dhabi Works XI confirmed some things we already knew, that we’re short up front and in the centre of midfield but also perhaps that there’s more strengthening at the back needed than we thought was the case. ‘Lightweight’ is a description I often use to describe our strike force in these match reports, in this match that adjective covers the midfield as well. Kranjcar was out of position and did his best, Modric was out of his head and disappointing, Bale was largely anonymous until the damage had been done and Lennon endeavoured but was peripheral the majority of the time.

At the back both Kaboul and Dawson allowed Dzeko to get to the ball first at crucial times (though the Bosnian’s header for the second goal was a peach after he’d climbed above Daws) and Corluka struggled against Nasri.

It’s pretty much unprecedented in my lifetime to be so outplayed by Man City but give me £300m and I could have a good go at putting together a side better than our one, especially one with the injury problems we’ve managed to accumulate already.  Many of the cast offs on the opposition’s bench would have got into our team on Sunday, specifically Johnson, Richards, Milner and Tevez. It comes to something when a man of the talents of Sergio Aguero was actually the weak link in City’s attack for most of the game.

We were set up very ‘optimistically’ with no holding player in sight. Harry said that he had no choice with the players available; with hindsight though he may wonder whether perhaps Kaboul in midfield might have been an option. We started well and Bale should’ve put us ahead whilst Van der Vaart tested Hart a few times. City scored two goals when the game was still even and their resulting gain in confidence was enough to put them out of reach.

We played for the last quarter of an hour with ten men after Van der Vaart knacked himself. We have to hope it’s not serious as he was again our major goal threat. He will be desperate for more support in his endeavours up front and I’m not sure that just Badebayor is enough despite the fact that a determined Defoe looked a lot sharper than he did on Monday when he came on. Crouch was well and easily handled by Lescott and Kompany and the subject of a lot of stick from those around me in the North Stand.  Friedel played well throughout and Livermore did himself credit when he came on for the sulking Modric after an hour.

So all a bit disappointing and a little chastening. As I said at the start the ninety minutes threw our weaknesses into sharp relief. Some strengthening is vital. Other teams will have seen our plight and might up the price of the players we’re after by a few bob before the end of Wednesday, it is though a surcharge we should pay otherwise we’re in for a frustrating season.


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  1. The summer transfer window sucks! Next year, we should get together with some other clubs and issue a combined statement that anyone wanting to buy our players should make offers in writing before 1 August otherwise they will be rejected out right. That would force a rule change or at least sort this mess out!

  2. Lets face it we've got players who are OK but not in any way great. Its strange no one picked out our dreadlocks defender who is ok going forward but crap in defence. Has Aryy ruined the team? Well he's got to try and use the wings as Lennon was taking them apart at the start. We need to do that and keep him and Bale up front not coming back. It was Shite.

  3. Its time to get our fringe players a runout. Cause it looks like no one is going 2 b sold. Might as well use what we have cause our dumb ass director keeps screwing up the deals!

  4. How utterly pathetic from Harry! Any mug, let alone a professional, could have predicted that we were going to be overrun in midfield. Let's just ask the question, who thinks that playing two playmakers (one of whom is yet to play this season and the other does not play in central midfield) in central midfield against a form team with some of the best attacking talent in the world will end well? There was no real attempt to get something out of this game. That Huddlestone or Livermore didn't or both didn't start is unfathomable.

    There are two ways of looking at this, either: 1, Harry is so tactically inept and naive that he thought that he could get a result by putting that team out or; 2,he was making a point to Levy that we need signings. Both of these display a disgusting level of professionalism and callousness.

    Then what does Harry do, he blames it all on Modric. The guy is clearly, and has been all summer, following instruction from Chelsea and his agent, and all of a sudden this is a surprise to Harry and his vast team of staff. Pathetic. The sooner this self-serving narcissist fucks off, the better.


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